iPad and MacBook Production Reportedly Hit by Global Chip Shortage

iPad Pro 2020 - iPadOS 13.4

Not only is the global chip shortage making it very hard to secure a PS5, but a new report by Nikkei also says iPad and MacBook production have been affected as well. The report says the shortage in semiconductor “have caused delays in a key step in MacBook production”, iPad production has also been affected due to “shortage of displays and display components.”

The issue is affecting the entire tech industry and a report from Bloomberg earlier this week explained how the shortage in supply of display drivers has been a major issue.

Despite tight supplies of some key components, Nikkei says iPhone production has not been affected which means this year’s iPhones should be announced in due time. Despite the chip storage in the entire tech industry, this has not stopped Apple from getting its products to consumers.

The affected iPad and MacBook models have not been stated by Nikkei and it is not clear if the delay applies to older devices or the ones yet to be announced. Apple is expected to update its entire Mac line with its own M1 chip and also launch new iPad Pro models.

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