TECNO’s Next Rumoured Spark Phone Tipped to Set A New Mobile Trend

tecno spark

TECNO is set to release the next instalment in its Spark flagship. Recall that the brand launched the Spark 5 smartphone in Nigeria and other African markets in May 2020, equipped with five cameras – a first of its kind, a powerful 5,000 mAh battery and a 6.6-inch dot-in-display with impressive vivid colours. The Spark 6 and Spark Go was launched later in the same year for the Pakistan and India markets respectively.

Going by what we have heard from secure sources, the new smartphone will be a far set-off from its predecessor. While no spec sheets have been released yet, our sources tell us there will be significant improvements. As has become synonymous with the TECNO Spark series, the new Spark smartphone is expected to deliver that extraordinary visual experience to its youthful users.

tecno spark
In 2020, TECNO launched the Spark 6 in Pakistan and some other Asian markets.

TECNO constantly sees and meets the demand for innovative smartphones that come at sweet prices. With the coming Spark, the brand will once again be supplying that demand exquisitely; The new Spark’s upgrade function will appeal to users looking for a power-packed smartphone at an accessible price.

tecno spark
Image Source: Techweez

TECNO keeps pushing the limits with every release, and successfully too. It’s no wonder the brand remains a leading smartphone OEM in Africa. We expect to see more information surface about the new TECNO Spark series in the coming days.

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  1. I am curious to know how this new spark will pan out. I am a little impressed with what I have seen so far

  2. I am already loving the design, but I will love to see the highly improved features in the phone as against Spark 5 Pro.

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