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The much-anticipated subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) streaming service, Disney+, was recently released; let’s discuss how to stream Disney+.

Disney+ promises to combine content from Disney, Star Wars, Marvel as well as National Geographic into one streaming application. A lot of consumers in the US, Canada or the Netherlands may regard the service just as essential as Netflix.

If you live in any of these locations, you can enjoy unrivalled access to the Disney vault, in addition to some fascinating new original content, including the bulk of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Mandalorian and many others more. As original shows on the streaming platform will not be released all at once, you can plan your binge-watching accordingly.

Yesterday night, many new series premiered, and from now on, each of them will add new episodes every Friday. Walt Disney offers new customers a free seven-day trial, giving you leeway for one week to make up your mind if you want to add yet another subscription or not.

Let’s now close this chapter on the introduction and open the one on the heart of today’s post — how to stream Disney+.

What Is Disney+?

Disney+ is a US SVOD streaming service, which is owned by Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. The service — which debuted yesterday in America, Canada, and the Netherlands — is focused on the film & TV content from Walt Disney Studios as well as Walt Disney TV. 

how to stream Disney plus

Original films & TV series that are based on new and existing properties have been released, and Disney+ is in competition with similar general-interest subscription services, complementing ESPN+ and Hulu as part of the over-the-top drive of Walt Disney.

What Is the Cost of Disney+?

The streaming service goes for $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year. Apart from this, you can opt for a bundle combining Disney+, Hulu (with ads) as well as ESPN+ for the single rate, $12.99 a month.

Disney+ can be accessed on mobile devices, televisions, streaming gadgets, the web, and game consoles.

Devices to Watch Disney+ on at Launch

Disney was able to secure deals with every major streaming platform for yesterday’s launch. Below, we have outlined the different platforms offering Disney+, in addition to download links where they are available:

Disney+ Availability

Disney+ started off in the US and Canada. As a forerunner to yesterday’s debut, a free pilot was launched in The Netherlands without much publicity. The full service is now available in the country.

Australia and New Zealand are next in line, billed to hold November 19, 2019.

After that, on March 31, 2020, the service will expand to the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and others, the company pledged.

Depending on your country, the content selection will differ, just like we have it on Netflix and similar streaming platforms.

Number of User Profiles You Can Create on Your Disney+ Account

Each Disney+ account has support for as much as seven individual profiles with personalized recommendations & separate watch lists.

Number of Devices You Can Stream Disney+ on Concurrently

Disney+ lets you stream across four devices at once, more than what both Hulu (a stream at a time) and ESPN+ (three streams at one) provide.

Thus, you need to bear that in mind if you are choosing the triple bundle. You need to ensure you have got enough slots for everyone in your household to watch their favourite content on Disney+.

Parental Controls

When you create a profile, designated as a kid’s account, it will have some limitations, which will make it only a special portal of Disney+, including content suitable for kids.

But nothing stops kids from changing their profiles into the regular Disney+ experience. The service does not offer any PIN protection or means to ensure children are locked into the kid-appropriate experience.

How Downloads Work

You can download movies & television shows from this service on as much as ten mobile devices, and there is support for downloads on Android smartphones, Android tabs, iPhone, iPad, and Amazon Fire tabs. But they’re not available on laptops.

You can choose among high, medium, and standard quality for your downloads in the Disney+ settings menu. The service also lets you know how much stuff you can save for each type.

Though “high” uses significantly more storage in comparison with the other options, if have enough space and seek the best Disney+ experience away from the Internet, it is your perfect choice.

When you opt for high quality, this implies that the service will download the best version of the movie or show in question, which your phone or tablet can play.

Regardless of your screen, video resolution is optimized. Further, if your device has support for expanded HDR colour, you will be able to get HDR-enabled downloads.

You would love the fact that Disney+ shows the different video & audio formats, which a piece of content is offered in. This enables you to have an idea that the feature is there on TV screens, even if your phone or tablet cannot play 4K content.

Is there any Extra Payment For 4K?

There is none: 4K streaming is offered as part of the standard plan for Disney+.

Is There Any Issue with Sharing Your Disney+ Password with Family & Friends?

Maybe not, so long you don’t do overdo it. Disney does not discourage password sharing and seems not to be too concerned with monitoring, strictly, the person that uses your Disney+ account and their location.

However, if things go beyond normal or if password sharing has a significant effect on its growth, the company might frown against the practice.

Wrapping up

With Disney+ release, users in the US, Canada, and the Netherlands can now enjoy access to riveting new movies and TV shows across devices, including Android phones and tabs, iPhone, iPad, etc.


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