How to Download and Watch Netflix Offline on Android

download and watch Netflix offline on android

Today, live streaming of media contents (music and movies) is dominating the world of media entertainment, as people now have access to varieties of media contents (of several genres), from across the globe. For music contents (songs), platforms like Spotify, Play Music, Apple Music, and so on are some of the most prominent platforms, through which people access (stream or download) varieties of songs on the internet. On the other hand, for videos (movies), the leading platforms include Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar and so on. Of these platforms, the most prominent platform, which offers the best subscription services for watching videos (movies and TV Shows) is Netflix. This article us with simple guides on how to download and watch Netflix offline on Android devices.

Live streaming of movies, using mobile phones is, no doubt, on the rise. However, having a good streaming experience requires a strong and stable internet connection (Mobile or Wi-Fi); which is not easily accessible to most inhabitants of the world, especially people living in the 3rd world countries i.e. the underdeveloped and developing countries (which include countries in Africa; Asia; and South America). Hence, for the above-highlighted set of people to enjoy the videos (movies, TV Shows and so on) on platforms like Netflix, it is strongly recommended to download the videos first, so as to watch it offline (without internet connection).

How to Download and Watch Netflix Offline on Android

Netflix offers the option to download video contents (movies and TV Shows) from its platform. Outlined below are simple guides on how to download movies, among other video contents available for download:

how to download and watch netflix offline on android

  • Ensure you have a stable mobile internet connection or you are connected to a strong Wi-Fi network.
  • Download and install the latest version of the Netflix mobile app on your Android phone.
  • Launch (open) the Netflix app on your phone.
  • Click on the hamburger icon
  • On the options that pop up, select the Available for Download
  • To download a movie; select the download option under the play button.
  • To download a TV Show, episode by episode; click on the download button next to each episode.
  • Go to the My downloads section, to view the downloaded video.
  • To delete a downloaded video; select the Edit option, under the My downloads section.
  • On the options that pop up after clicking the Edit button, click on the red X button.

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It should be noted that not all videos are available for download on Netflix. However, a good number of the videos are available for download; hence, can be watched offline (without internet connection).

As mentioned earlier, there exist a good number of platforms, which offer video streaming services, as well as downloading options to subscribers. The most popular and arguably the best among these platforms, which provides subscribers with the option of watching videos offline, is Netflix.

In addition, latest movies from Hollywood, as well as popular TV Shows across the United States, Europe and even Africa, are regularly featured and updated on Netflix. Hence, subscribers on the Netflix platform are one of the first set of people to have access to movies, upon their release.

So what are you waiting for; since you now know how to download and watch Netflix offline on Android go get the app and start “Netflix and Chill“.

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