How to Slide into DMs on Instagram – The Do’s and Don’ts!

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We earlier wrote on how to slide into DMs on Twitter and it’s time for you now to learn how to slide into DMs on Instagram. Social Media websites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter offer a chance for users to defy natural boundaries and meet people from all over the world. They mostly do this with direct messaging (DM). Instagram as one of this social media spaces is an interesting place to take advantage of this. With its picture posts model, it is a great place to meet people that satisfy one’s physical taste.

When you’ve identified a person of your physical interest, it is now time to make the transition to their direct message and sway them with your words. Sliding into DMs on Instagram mostly limits you to making superficial acknowledgements but that doesn’t mean you still can’t make it classy.

Sending a DM on Instagram is pretty straightforward. Select the account you intend to message and send your message. The tricky part, however, lies in the content of your message. If you’ve been wondering what it takes on how to slide into DMs on Instagram, grab a sit and read the Dos and Don’ts below:


How to Slide into DMs on Instagram – The Dos

The first thing you must note when sending an Instagram message, whether to a boy or a girl is your message has to hold their attention. You cannot always count on their social courtesy to get you that all-important reply. Wit and creativity are some of the best tools better deployed for this endeavour.

Find creative messages to arrest your recipient’s attention. When you do that, you engage their curiosity and a conversation can begin.

Another way to slide into an Instagram DM is by sharing an interesting video or picture with your intended recipient. Everyone likes interesting things and we love moments that take us out of the stress and misery that is real life, even for a few seconds. By sharing such, you provide a service that would appreciate and you come across to be non-threatening.

Ultimately you need to be respectful. Sometimes a simple message of ‘Hi, I’m Seun’ is all you would need to initiate a conversation. A person’s IG timeline is not an accurate way to determine their current mood or what they would be receptive to. The art of sending an Instagram DM is a tricky one and it always better to err on the side of caution than on the side of crazy.

how to slide into dms on instagram
Actor, Blossom first DM with his now-wife, Precious

Be respectful. Be classy.


How to Slide into DMs on Instagram – The Don’ts

Social etiquette is something you would expect everyone would know and adhere to but each horror story that trends on the timeline keeps reminding us that not everyone knows nor care enough to adhere to it. So here is another reminder of Instagram DM Don’ts.

  1. Don’t be creepy. We know you like their picture and you’ve gone deep into their page and you know the colour of their favourite shirt or the colour of their bedsheet. You need to reserve the crazy for when they are comfortable having you around.
  2. Another Don’t is to keep your ego in check. Remember you are messaging a person and they may not always be in the mood for a conversation. You don’t have to bombard their DM because you haven’t gotten a reply in 20 minutes. Relax. Either they are busy, not in the mood or your message didn’t arrest their attention enough. Wait a moment and find something more striking.
  3. An important don’t is to send unsolicited naked pictures of yourself. We know you find yourself irresistible but you should let others make that decision themselves. Keep it to yourself until after the conversation has progressed in that direction.
  4. A don’t that is more of a application know-how is the mistake of sending a message to multiple people at once. We know you are Legolas and you can shoot multiple shots at once, but still have to create the illusion of specialness.

Instagram is a great place to feed your eyes with your heart desires and it provides the option to meet them. Take full advantage of this and enjoy a lot more than looking from a distance. There is a personality behind that Instagram handle you might just love.

Happy Sliding.


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