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how to drive sales through social media

Look, let’s all admit it. Social Media has changed how we do everything. From how we communicate to how we date. It came like a wild wind in the night and revolutionized our lives. Now, social media can be anything you want it to be. She’s the ever-malleable princess. For entrepreneurs, it can be the difference between bankruptcy and success. If you just manage to do all the right things, customers will never cease from your door.

Naturally, the thing about public platforms is exposure is the number one thing to desire and aim for. Getting the attention of a few hundred or thousand users, however, is not hard. Holding their attention is the hard part. A roadside digital marketer would tell you what your business needs are to trend. They will slap a hashtag on your brand name and you will be the number one trend in the country. They might even use their influence with digital influencers to get you retweets and reposts from them. Your ‘please retweet, my customer is on your timeline’ tweet will amass thousands of retweets. But after that? Crickets. Perhaps you get one or two inquiries. Your ten thousand retweets haven’t turned into actual sales. How do you boost your business and drive sales through social media then?

How to Drive Sales through Social Media


Create Intelligent Exposure

Getting plenty of retweets can be nice but I tell you that at least 50 per cent of those retweets were mindless retweets. Most people retweet as an act of service in helping you promote your business. It costs them nothing. You, however, should target exposure as a result of quality service delivery. The way you frame your business/product tweet should make readers take a pause and properly take in the message. Be bold. Be effective. Also, always add your price tags, especially when you deal in moveable products. Do not make potential customers pass you over because they are wary your pricing might be out of their budget. It weeds out unserious buyers.


You are your Product, Look your Best

If I count the number of businesses who have posted grainy, low-quality pictures of their products, I’d get woozy from counting. People want to make sure they are spending their money on quality products from a reliable business. The first step to satisfying that requirement is ensuring your products and services are well represented in appropriate media. Pictures or videos, do not compromise. Get quality cameras, seriously.


Customer Relation Matters

‘Even big brands don’t have decent customer care, why should I?’ Well for one, big brands have grown larger than life and we are all sort of stuck with them. You, on the other hand, there are plenty of small businesses who offer the same thing you do. If you are looking to attract customers and retain them, your customers have to be happy after transacting with you. From product delivery, review and assistance in case of unforeseen problems, making your every step of the transaction process is done to the customer’s satisfaction should be your goal. Even to rude stupid customers. The last thing your business needs is trending because you were playing who’s got the better insult game with annoying customers. The importance of building a positive relationship with customers cannot be overemphasised if you are to drive sales through social media.


Never Stop Engaging

Your business page should not only be active when you are trying to sell a product. Social media users prefer the feeling that they are interacting with a human being, not a business. Be creative, be fun. Never let people forget your handle. Just look at @Wendy which is probably the best business account on Twitter. People patronize a business for many reasons, liking the personality the business conveys is part of it. Do not be afraid to tap into that.

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Don’t Shy Away From Your Success Stories

You could spend thousands of naira on ads and use unending creativity to trend every day, nothing, however, increases potential customers’ confidence in your product than the reviews and satisfaction of other customers.  When you get those, do not be afraid to flaunt it, with the customer’s permission of course. Knowing another human being has paid actual money for a product and liked it is the best advertisement any business will get. Regardless of how small or big you get. This is something @shoepify does so well on Twitter and from the look of things, it works quite well.

If you are looking to drive sales social media, you’ve got to know how to speak the language of social media and the above-listed tips are a great place to start. Good luck.

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