6 Reasons Small Businesses Benefit from Document Scanning

why small business benefit from document scanning

Electronic files and document management systems are slowly replacing binders and stuffed-full cabinets overflowing with important invoices and statements, and for good reason. Document management systems have proven to be efficient, secure, and user-friendly, whereas paper files can be harder to locate, record, and track.

It can frustrating and time-consuming sifting through cabinets for an important document, which is why it can be beneficial to scan your documents onto your computer; the right scanning software of https://www.filecenterdms.com/info-document-scanning-software.html will create searchable, easy-to-organize, and shareable files.

What’s the definition of document scanning?

In basic terms, document scanning means to convert paper files to electronic images. However, the entire process amounts to more than merely scanning a paper and saving it to your desktop. A viable scanner includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR), a system which enables you to transform your files from images to searchable-by-word files.

When you first load your document to your computer, it will show up as an image, making it hard to search for keywords. However, the best scanners will enable you to use OCR and convert the file to a word document.

How can this system improve your business? Let’s take a look at the six reasons why small businesses can benefit from document scanning.

Betters customer service

Features such as OCR can help you search for important invoices and information requested by a customer. For example, if you are on the phone with a customer, you can type in a keyword or the title of the document and find the necessary file within seconds, provide your customer with the desired information and move on.

It can frustrate customers to wait for businesses to respond via email or phone with information hours later, especially if they desperately needed the numbers at the exact time they reached out.

If you want to improve your customer service, it helps to transfer your files from cabinets and drawers to your computer.

Saves you time and cash

The fact that converting paper files to electronic files will save you time and money may be an obvious statement to some, but there are multiple reasons why scanning your documents can reduce the amount of cash you’re dishing out.

Some days an employee may spend hours organizing and searching through cabinets for invoices, statements, and other important pieces of parchment. Wouldn’t it be better if this employee spent their hours working on something that helps to advance your business? The Balance SMB got some tips for you on how to advance your small business. With the right scanning system, you can delegate your employees’ other tasks rather than putting one or two in charge of keeping track of paper files.

In the end, you won’t have to pay employees to spend time dealing with paper files. Plus, scanning your files and loading them to your desktop takes minutes, leaving the rest of your day free to work on expanding your business.

Increases security

What happens if someone breaks into your office? Or your building goes up in flames? Or an employee breaches your trust and steals important information? Or loses a receipt or invoice? Scanning your documents enables you to store your files safely on your computer.

However, some programs load your files to a database that may be hard to access in the future, whereas a system like FileCenter includes an electronic file cabinet where you can save your documents as windows files. You can access these files at any time.

Worried about the wrong people hacking your computer? You can secure your files by adding passwords.

If you want to protect your documents from theft, fire, flooding, and other office-related mishaps, it’s vital to think about creating a paperless office.

Frees up space in your office

No one likes to work among clutter! Clear out your office by becoming a paper-free space. Reducing the number of files around your office may even give you the chance to rent out a cheaper, smaller place.

However, if you don’t want to put your files through a shredder just yet, you can always relocate your boxes to another space, freeing up office space for other necessities in the process.

Plus, when clients visit your office, the look of a clutter-free space will help to highlight your ability to organize.

Enhances efficiency between employees

Do some of your employees have days where they can work from home? Or perhaps you have to leave the office for a business trip or meeting and need someone to send important information to you as soon as possible? Before computers played a vital role in the total production and efficiency of running a business, an employee may have had to drive across town to deliver the desired parchment, but why waste gas, time, and energy on stress when you can receive the file electronically?

When you scan documents, you can easily share them with your employees rather than passing files through different departments or stressing out over forgetting to bring an important piece of information to a business meeting.

Improves total accuracy

When employees have access to the same files, it helps to make everything much easier! For example, each employee can come to meetings with the same knowledge, helping to improve the overall efficiency of the discussion on an upcoming project or marketing plan. Everyone in your workplace needs to have a similar understanding of the happenings. However, you can control which documents you want to keep private or share with others—that’s the beauty of having all of your files saved onto your computer.

In conclusion

Do you want to transition to a paperless office? It helps to start loading your files from cabinets onto your computer. You may be under the impression that it’s not worth it, but as time goes on, you’ll notice that storing your files electronically will:

  • Help to save you both time and money
  • Help you to communicate with customers efficiently
  • Help you and your employees to stay up to date on the latest information (but you can choose who you want to share certain files with)
  • Help to boost your overall security, while also backing up your files in case of a natural disaster
  • Help to free up much-needed space in your office

Small businesses will undoubtedly benefit from document scanning.

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