Google+ Shuts Down After Poor Performance

Google+ shuts down

Earlier this week, Google shut down and deleted accounts on its social network platform Google+. This marks the end of an attempt by the tech giant to compete with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

According to an email available to the Verge on Tuesday, a Google spokesman said “The shutdown is underway as of this morning.”

The decision was made due to “low usage” and Google+ poor security features which were detected after it witnessed two major data leaks that exposed private details of millions of its users to developers. Although the leak was kept from the public for some time, the company resolved to shut down Google + permanently. But after a second leak, the process was increased by four months which means the platform will be inactive from April instead of August.

Google claims that developers did not know about the bugs neither did they take advantage of them. Currently, access to Google+ APIs has been discontinued in line with Google’s timeline for the shutdown.

Also, the company has confirmed that the service did not attract the expected growth. This fact agrees with an October 18 post by Google’s Ben Smith which said “While our engineering teams have put a lot of effort and dedication into building Google+ over the years, it has not achieved broad consumer or developer adoption, and has seen limited user interaction with apps.” He also revealed that ” 90 percent of Google+ user sessions are less than five seconds.”

Although Google+ had a less chance against Facebook, the service had a small but loyal fan base over the years. According to the Verge, a CNBC personality wrote an article on how these consumers created topic-focused discussions unlike the arguments found on Facebook and Reddit. Google + will also be remembered for grouping users into circles in an attempt to help them share aspects of their daily lives.

At its inception, Google compelled consumers to create an account on Google + to comment on other services such as YouTube. It even got integrated with the process of setting up a new Google+ account. However, this action did not go down well with the public especially as it stood as an infringement of consumer rights. Overall, the social network efforts to become a major name like Facebook was fraught with disaster.

In 2018, Google had no choice than to pull the plug since Google+ was linked to data leaks.

Also, the tech giant claims the erasing all consumer accounts “will take a few months,” which means you will find a few pages remaining. However, the deletion of photos and videos on its album archive are getting erased.

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