Poco Launcher Receives Update with Dark Theme and Darker Backgrounds

poco launcher

Unlike most devices in US markets, Xiaomi’s Pocophone comes as a product with a low-price tag and high-end features. It even reminds us of the OnePlus One. However, some consumers prefer to flash it’s built-in ROM because of Xiaomi’s proprietary interface. Still, this feature includes an attractive option, the POCO Launcher which you can use on phones from other brands. Thanks to its latest update, the launcher has many features to offer especially the dark mode.

You can find the launcher’s settings hidden in the new theme. To view such settings, tap and hold a space on your home screen. Tap the Settings icon, scroll and tap More. Finally, choose Backgrounds. Under this option, you can activate a dark or light theme and set the background transparency of your app drawer. The dark mode turns all pane backgrounds to pure black especially when you have not set the background transparency. This means you will save more power when compared to usage in the grey mode.

Xiaomi’s MIUI dark mode beta offers this feature however it’s not available to users of the Pocophone. Fortunately, the smartphone maker has plans to develop software for the constant rollout of this feature.

The UI also has significant bug fixes which enable fast performance. You can also lock your device by double tapping its display and include custom apps to the App vault shortcut. These actions are currently available on all compatible models including the Pixel 3. Furthermore, the UI offers brighter app buttons

The Poco launcher update is available on the Play Store or APK Mirror.


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