POCO Reportedly Working on Three Phones including Pocophone F2

Poco by Xiaomi

According to a leak by YouTube channel RevAtlas, POCO is ready to unveil its first set of devices as an independent brand. The leak says POCO will be unveiling three new models including the Pocophone F2 and F2 Lite.

The YouTuber received an email with pictures of the F2 Lite and basic specifications which shows the device will be powered by a Snapdragon 765G chipset, 6G of RAM and a 5,000mAh battery. It also reveals the smartphone will come with a high-resolution camera, nothing more was revealed.

A Twitter leak revealed a POCO phone under the name Redmi K30 which the brand has requested certification for. This leak goes more in line and it shows a 4G version of the Redmi K30 with a 730G SoC. The leak from the YouTuber raises concern as to why a Lite device will be featuring a new 5G chipset.

POCO Redmi K30 certification

If the leak is anything to go by, the POCO brand will be coming out with three devices this year which will be based on the Mi lineup especially the K30 family. The leak is not consistent however as it shows the Pocophone F2 Lite with a teardrop notch which houses the selfie camera instead of a dual punch hole as seen in the K30 series. Over the years, devices from the same lineup do not differ by that much.

No information was revealed about the alleged third model and it is not clear if it will be a flagship device yet.


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