Facebook’s CEO to Integrate WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram

zuckerberg to integrate facebook messenger, instagram and whatsapp

According to unconfirmed reports from the New York Times, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wants to create a  single messaging platform with Facebook’s messaging platforms.

The platforms include big names such Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp all under the control of Facebook.

To achieve this task, Zuckerberg has come up with a development team from the three sites to change the central code of each platform resulting in a single service. Presently, the three apps have different codes thus unifying all systems might prove impossible or difficult.

Facebook’s CEO intends to set the integration launch date to 2020.

To be clear, integrating the three platforms would allow someone who only has a Facebook account to message someone who only has a WhatsApp account or Instagram account, or any combination thereof. Whichever platform you use or don’t use won’t matter — you’ll be able to contact anyone as long as they use at least one of the three.

If the developers succeed, the three messaging services will allow someone who has an Instagram account to message someone with either a Facebook or WhatsApp account or any combination thereof.

It wouldn’t matter the messaging service you have on your device. You will be able to chat with anyone as long as they have at least one of the apps.

However, the three platforms will maintain their various identities which means that WhatsApp will still be known as WhatsApp etc.

Zuckerberg also wants to make the proposed single platform safe by featuring end-to-end encryption. This will secure any message you send to any of the concerned platforms.

According to the reports, Zuckerberg plans to increase the value of the messaging services while also easing the worries concerning privacy. The final aim is for users to use Facebook properties for their messaging needs rather than using similar services from other companies or SMS/MMS services through telecommunication firms.

This feature will enable Facebook to increase user engagement which means more profits for the tech giant.

This development is a significant change from Facebook’s CEO’s prior arrangement with Instagram and WhatsApp which were assured autonomy from Facebook during their acquisition. Until now, there is no official statement from WhatsApp or Instagram concerning the rumours.

What are your views concerning this issue? Are you excited about the proposal? Or do you think the idea has no importance at the moment? Feel free to share your comment in the box below.

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