Epic Games Announces Unreal Engine 5 Showcasing PlayStation 5 Demo

unreal engine 5

Epic Games has unveiled the next generation of its 3D game engine, the Unreal Engine 5. Unreal Engine is associated with some of the biggest games in the world such as the PUBG and Fortnite which is available on consoles, the Android and iOS.

So far, Sony has revealed the specifications of the PlayStation 5 but the console has not been revealed and no gameplay demo has been shown. Epic Games revealed the Unreal Engine 5 with a stunning tech demo which was confirmed as a real-time run on the PlayStation 5 hardware.

Unreal Engine 5 introduces new features – Nanite and Lumen. With these tools, Epic Games believes developers will no longer have the constraints of poly counts and draw calls. Developers can now import and drop in their ZBrush sculpts and photogrammetry data ditrectly to Unreal Engine 5 without any optimization.

Unreal Engine 5 and the new features will work on the Xbox Series X as well and not just the PlayStation 5, CEO Tim Sweeney confirmed to Eurogamer.

The key features we’re debuting will work across all of the next-generation console platforms. We don’t have performance comparisons, we can’t share performance comparisons, but this is a feature set you can count on with that generation, particularly micro polygon geometry with the Nanite technology and real-time global illumination with Lumen,” says Sweeney

Unreal Engine 5 will make its debut in 2021 with Fortnite launching on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. It will also be coming to high-end PCs, the Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS devices. Only next-gen consoles, however, will be able to deliver the stunning experience and same fidelity level as unveiled in the demo above.

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