Elon Musk ‘Would Reverse’ Donald Trump’s Twitter Ban

Elon Musk vs Twitter

Elon Musk, the billionaire who is waiting for his deal to take Twitter private to be completed says he “would reverse the permanent ban” placed on former U.S. President, Donald Trump. Musk has been hammering on free speech since he reached an agreement to acquire the platform and once referred to himself as a “free speech absolutist.

In an interview with The Financial Times on Tuesday, Musk said Twitter was “foolish in the extreme” to permanently ban Trump and that “perma bans just fundamentally undermine trust in Twitter as a town square where everyone can voice their opinion.” Since being kicked off Twitter, Trump has since created his own platform, Truth Social, and Musk says the ban “didn’t end Trump’s voice,” but “It will amplify it among the right. This is why it is morally wrong and flat-out stupid.”

It will take some months for Musk’s Twitter deal to be closed but Musk cast a bit of doubt on the acquisition. “I don’t own Twitter yet, so this is not like a thing that will definitely happen,” he said. “What if I don’t own Twitter?” Trump was banned from Twitter when co-founder Jack Dorsey was still CEO, but Musk says the former CEO shares the same view with him. In response to Musk, Dorsey tweetedI do agree” but added some clauses.

Immediately after Musk reached a $44 billion agreement to acquire Twitter, tweets of Trump’s return to the platform began circulating but the former US president shut down the story by saying he would not return to Twitter even if the ban was lifted. Trump said he would rather focus on his social media platform, Truth Social.

Last week Friday, a district judge in California dismissed Trump’s Twitter ban lawsuit.

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