Xiaomi Makes Its Awesome Mi Calculator Available on Non-Xiaomi Devices!

mi calculator

Xiaomi smartphone users already know why the Mi Calculator is much more than just a calculator app; on other Android devices you get the normal calculator which is able to do basic arithmetic like addition, subtraction and division but the Mi Calculator is unique.

mi calculator

The Mi Calculator is an expansive scientific calculator that also calculates your mortgage for you. The app will perform log and trig functions such as algebra, do physics calculations like velocity, time, mass, length and do area conversions.

Another great thing about the Calculator is that it has a universal currency converter with its exchange rates updated daily so as to meet up with current currency conversions. There is a function which allows you to view history and edit previous calculations in case you forgot to write down something on the regular calculator. The app is also fluid and has a friendly user interface.

How to Download Xiaomi Mi Calculator on Your Android Device

  • Make sure your Android device is running on Android 4.1 and above.
  • Proceed to Google Play and download the awesome Calculator here.
  • Start catching some Xiaomi vibes!
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