US Government Lifts Ban on Xiaomi

xiaomi ceo

Chinese company, Xiaomi has finally been removed from the US government blacklist after it filed a lawsuit to US courts. The Donald Trump administration added Xiaomi as a “Communist Chinese military company”, barring American companies and citizens from dealing with the firm.

Bloomberg today obtained court documents lifting the ban. “The Parties have agreed upon a path forward that would resolve this litigation without the need for contested briefing,” the court filing states. Both the US government and Xiaomi are expected to file a joint proposal before May 20, 2021, Bloomberg reports.

In November 2020, towards the later periods of his tenure, former US President Donald Trump declared Xiaomi as a “Communist Chinese military company” and part of China’s “military-civil fusion strategy.” Two weeks later the Chinese company replied with a lawsuit indicating that it had no ties to the Chinese military and that its two co-founders owned 75 percent of voting rights. The lawsuit also indicates that three of Xiaomi’s notable shareholders were US investment groups.

Xiaomi was granted a preliminary injunction by the US District Court for the District of Columbia in March, halting the ban temporarily. As of now, there has been no comment on the matter from the US government, Xiaomi or the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

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