10 Best Writing Software for Android Tablet and Phones

best writing software for android tablet

The 10 best writing software for Android tablet listed in this article are perfect for scribbling down your thoughts or for any writing you may have in mind. Gone are the days when people depended on only pens to write; in recent years technology has improved and some Android phablet and tablet devices now comes with a stylus pen. The Android OS being an open source has a lot of cool applications to run on it and we’ve compiled the best writing software for Android tablet and phones in 2018.

10 Best Writing Software for Android Tablet and Phones

  1. Evernote

best writing software for android tablet

Evernote needs no introductions as it is among the most widely downloaded Android apps, Evernote is also listed by most websites among the best must downloaded apps for new Android users. Evernote is my go to app for jotting notes and remembering things and it synchs automatically on the desktop, tablet and phone version of the app. Used by professionals and non-professionals, Evernote can be uses to create virtually anything such as to-do lists and checklist, jot notes in searchable format, audio and video notes, pictures, web clipping, attaching of office docs, camera capture scan and lots more. Evernote just added a new feature which uses Fingerprint security to unlock on devices. Lest we forget, the app is also free for some storage but as you files get bigger you will need to pay.

  1. IA Writer

writing software for android tablet

IA Writer was formerly on IOS alone but it has now made its way to the Android OS. One of IA’s strong point is its simplicity and minimalism, the app is a plain text editor with many additional features such as markdown compatibility, HTML-PDF-MS Word support, integrated file browser, real-time synchronization with cloud storage and lots more.

  1. Writer

writing software for android tablet

Writer is an Android writing app developed by James McMinn without the distraction of a traditional word processor. With over 1 million downloads on Google Play, it’s a cool app for jotting down notes and novel writing on the Android phone or tablet. There is a markdown support and a statistics viewer which shows you the total word and character count.

  1. JotterPad

writing software for android tablet

JotterPad shares similarities with Writer and IA Writer app in the sense that it’s a plain text editor app also without the distractions of a traditional word processor. JotterPad is made for creative writing such as poems, essays, lyrics, novels, screenplays and book writing.

Some of its features includes an inbuilt dictionary, markdown, extended keyboard functionality, typewriter scrolling and a snapshot saving feature which makes it easy reverting to earlier copies of your work in case you want to.

  1. MarkdownX

writing software for android tablet

It’s easy to get the kind of app this is from the name. MarkdownX is a text editor app for those who like writing in markdown, the app is a lightweight fluid one which is made on the concept of material design.

MarkdownX is particularly good on abet devices because there is a side-by-side preview mode when penning down an article on the app. So far, this is the best markdown app for inserting images.

  1. Writer Plus

Writer Plus works just like the Writer app by McMinn but this is an advanced version. With Writer Plus, you can pair a Bluetooth keyboard with your Android tablet and use the normal windows shortcuts such as ctrl + z, ctrl + c, etc when writing. The app supports cloud storage and files can be shared easily.

  1. Write

Write is a cool writing software for Android tablet. It is a text editor app for Android tablets with minimalist look. Write has loads of features and can be used to take notes, write journals and do other editing tasks. When you go to the Home Screen or open another app on your Android tablet, Write AutoSaves your work which is a great feature.

There is fullscreen mode, markdown formatting, word and character count, spellcheck and ability to pair with an external physical keyboard. One of the best writing software for Android tablet no doubt; it’s a premium app of course.

  1. Google Docs

Google has a whole varieties of products for free and Google Docs is one which cannot be ignored. All Google products synchs with your Gmail account and with Google Docs you can create new documents and edit existing files on your Android device.

  1. Microsoft Word

writing software for android tablet

Microsoft Word needs no introduction, its Android app is equally as great as the PC software. MS Word mobile app is a great writing software for Android tablet. The app can be used to create, write and edit and theirs is cloud storage integration. Surely a great app for writers who do not mind its distractions.

  1. Monospace

writing software for android tablet

Monospace is one of the best writing apps at the moment with its minimalism. The app supports the basic Word formatting such as bold, italics, strike-through, quotes and lots more. There is a markdown feature and copy and paste support for WordPress and Tumblr.

What are your thoughts, Do you think we left something out?

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