Xiaomi’s New Fast Charging Technology Charges a Phone Fully in Just 8 Minutes

xiaomi 200w hypercharge

Xiaomi is taking the fast-charging game to another level with the introduction of 200W fast charging technology. The Chinese company demoed its latest wired and wireless charging tech on Twitter and the results are amazing. The company used a custom-built Mi 11 Pro powered by a 4,000mAh battery capacity with its latest 200W wired and 120W wireless technology.

Xiaomi calls the 200W its HyperCharge, it was able to get the phone up to 100 percent from 0 percent in just 8 minutes. The wireless 120W took 15 minutes, with both charging solutions setting a new world record.

Xiaomi Hyper Charge

The 200W HyperCharge got the phone from 0 to 10 percent in just 44secs, 50 percent in 3 minutes and finally to 100 percent in 8 minutes. Xiaomi put a Watt measuring gear while charging and it showed that the Watt was moving between 15W and 198W. For the 120W wireless charging solution, it charged the phone from 0 to 10 percent in a minute, 50 percent in 7 minutes and finally 100 percent at full charge in 15 minutes.

Ultra-fast charging tech is a thing among Chinese phone companies, last year Oppo debuted its 125W Flash Charge which charges a phone fully in 20 minutes. It should be noted, as much as the technology in fast charging is very impressive, it’s also a way for batteries to wear out easily.

It is not known yet when Xiaomi will bring its 200W HyperCharge and 120W wireless solution to commercial production.

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