How to Download Facebook Videos on Mobile & PC Without Any Software

Facebook video

Nowadays, you hardly scroll through your Facebook feed without seeing short Facebook videos shared by friends or promoted by brands. Some of these videos are funny and educative, and you might love to get them downloaded, however, Facebook doesn’t support that. You must always go online—on Facebook—to watch the video anytime you want to.

And with the rate at which your friends keep feeding Facebook feed with status updates and comments, re-watching a particular Facebook video might be impossible after sometimes. The video is lost among the thousands of feeds running down your timeline. Therefore, getting a Facebook video downloaded is your only way to watch the video anytime you want to.

So in this article, I will be showing you how you to use SaveFromNet (a popular YouTube video downloader) as a Facebook video downloader.

How to download Facebook Videos Without Any Software

The advantage of using SaveFromNet to download Facebook videos is that it doesn’t require installing any special software on your phone or computer. All you need do is to grab the link of the Facebook video you want to download, paste it in SaveFromNet and let it generate the direct download link for you. Here is the step:

  • Scroll through your Facebook feed and locate a desired video.
how to download Facebook Videos
  • Right click on the Facebook video: This will bring out the options of Play, Mute and Show video URL.
Facebook Video
  • Click on Show video URL: This will show the URL of the video at the top of the video.
Facebook video
  • Click in the box containing the URL, alight all the link and copy.
  • Head to SavefromNet and insert the copied link in the provided box on the website.
Facebook video
  • Allow the website to load the video’s name and click on Download to start the downloading.

As written beside the download button, clicking on the download button will download an MP4 HD version of the video. MP4 HD is a high quality version of the Facebook video and it might be fairly large in size, but since Facebook videos are mostly short videos, the size should be that heavy.

The video used for this tutorial is 1 minute long and it is 3.4MB in size. It isn’t that heavy so I advise you go with the MP4 HD format.  However, if you believe that size is much for a 1-minute video, you can click the V sign beside the MP4 HD and choose MP4 SD which is smaller in size with the standard video quality.

You can also use this Facebook video downloader tool, all you have to do is open the website and enter the URL of the video you intend to download.

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