ChatGPT Now Has 100 Million Weekly Users

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ChatGPT now has “about a hundred million” weekly active users, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman announced on Monday at the company’s first-ever developer conference in San Francisco. In addition, the company now have more than two million developers building on its API and 92 per cent of Fortune 500 companies building on its product.

Until recently, ChatGPT was the fastest-growing consumer app, reaching 100 million monthly users in just two months of its release. In July, Instagram’s Threads broke the record, achieving the same feat in just five days of its release but its growth has since been stunted, now having just under 100 million monthly active users as of October.

As part of announcements from the developer conference, OpenAI is releasing a platform that lets interested users create custom versions of ChatGPT for tailored use cases. The company also announced a GPT-4 Turbo that will be three times cheaper for developers but with improved task capability. GPT-4 Turbo has access to information up to April 2023 and with these data, a 128K context window, “equivalent to more than 300 pages of text in a single prompt,” OpenAI says.

Thanks to OpenAI’s GPT-4, Microsoft’s Bing search engine, powered by the language model, surpassed 100 million daily active users in March, more than a decade after its launch. ChatGPT premium users can now use the generative AI to access up-to-date information, thanks to a Browse with Bing feature released in September.

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