10 Best Toddler Apps for Android in 2020

Thanks to technology, you don’t have to teach your kids everything by yourself. There are some very good toddler apps for Android with which you can use for your kids as a parent.

Teaching your toddler might look like an enormous task. Moreover, when your children become bored, there’s a high chance that you don’t know how to entertain them. Even if you do, you might run out of ideas or not have enough time.

Best Toddler Apps for Android

Luckily, you can download some Android apps that will help you with this problem. If you use these games, your toddler will learn various skills from reading the alphabet to creating art. Apart from teaching vital skills, the apps allow your child to learn in fun ways.

Now let’s check out the best toddler apps for Android. Each of these programs can be found on the Google Play Store.

Drawing for Kids

If your toddler loves playing with crayons and colouring books, it will love this app. With Drawing for Kids, your child can trace out and colour various items that will move around the screen. It also offers sound effects that will attract your child’s interest for hours.

Do you need more reasons to download this app? Well, it does not support ads and in-app purchases. Your kid can even play the game for free. In summary, the app will not place a dent on your pocket.

You can download the app from here.

Sounds for Toddlers

Judging from its name, Sound for Toddlers offers only exciting sounds for your children. On this app, you will hear noises from nature, vehicles, and even tools. Since it has a massive selection of files, the toddler cannot become bored.

toddler apps for android

Apart from its musical notes, Sound for Toddlers promises easy to use controls. With a swap and tap, your child can enjoy real-life sounds from 250 characters.

Like most apps on this list, you can use this product for free. Moreover, you will not need to endure any ads or make purchases during gameplay.

You can download the app from here.

App Family

App family does not offer single apps. Instead, they provide an exciting mix of software for young children between ages 1 to 10. Such products include memory games, jigsaw puzzles, and shape puzzles.

Before using any of the games, you will not pay any fees. But during gameplay, you can choose to upgrade any part of the game via in-app purchases.

You can download the app from here.

ABC Kids

Are you looking for a fun way to teach the English alphabet to your toddler? Then download ABC kids to help you with this task. If a child traces a letter on the app, it will read out the character. Your toddler can even play another game that involves matching capital letters with their lower-case metals.

With a colourful screen and characters, your toddler will love to learn on this app. Fortunately, your child can enjoy this without any charges, in-app purchases, and adverts. One of the best toddler apps for Android.

You can download the app from here.

First Words for Baby

Developed by AndroBaby, this game stands as an ideal way to help toddlers learn as much as 120 new words. Each word comes in exciting categories such as Pets, What I Do? and Sleeping time. It also offers colourful animations and sounds that will keep the toddler glued to the screen.

best toddler apps for android

If you don’t mind the occasional ads, you can install this game on your smartphone for free. But if you make a payment of $1.99, the ads will disappear without a trace.

You can download this game from here.


If you want another excellent app for your toddler, award-winning KIdloLand will use its vast library to make your kid smile. On this app, you will discover exciting games, music, and nursery rhymes for children of various ages.

Since the game has offline features, you can use the app in areas with limited internet access. However, it includes in-app purchases, thereby making it an expensive option. One of the best toddler apps for Android

You can install this game on your device from here.

Kids Doodle

Many toddlers love scribbling art on different surfaces. But if you install this app, your toddler will have the chance to show its artistic talents on your smartphone or tab.

Kids Doodle has features that support drawings of different kinds. Such options include personalized backgrounds, brushes, and an onboard gallery for storing your toddler’s art.  It even boasts of a movie mode that allows you to view previous drawings.

You can grab this game for free, but you will have to get used to its ads that pop up during gameplay.

Download Kids Doodle from here.

GunjanApps Studio

If you prefer many apps in a single developer, GunjanApps Studio should feature on your child’s tablet. Although the apps might look basic, they offer many exciting ways to educate and entertain children.

Such apps include an alphabet app, colouring app, and a shape app. There’s even one that boasts of several animal puzzles. You can download these games for free. If you wish to remove the ads, you will have to upgrade to a premium version.

Check out GunjanApps Studio with this link.

Sensory Baby Toddler Learning

Apart from offering bright graphics and characters, this underwater-themed app stimulates your toddler’s senses. To do this, it vibrates, especially when the child touches the screen. When you rotate your device, the game world also moves with it. Overall, it’s an excellent tool for enhancing your child’s motor skills.

Android toddler apps

Sensory Baby Toddler Learning also has an exciting mix of aquatic characters. So, your kid will not lose interest after spending a few minutes on the game. You can get the pro version for a $1.99, if it exceeds your budget, take the free version.

Install the game on your device with this link.

Funny Food Kindergarten

Funny Food Kindergarten includes various games that will excite any toddler. These games include 17 various topics that range from shapes and sizes to logic. You will also discover amusing characters that you can control via the simple interface.

It’s possible to enjoy the content for free; however, in-app purchases will offer unlimited access to every part of the app.

You can download the app from here.


These toddler apps for Android will definitely make your job easy as a parent and you can get them on Google Play. You can get some for free, while others might require payments. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to comment in the box below.


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