The Best Home Security Apps for Android Phones and Tablets in 2018

home security apps for android

Home security apps for Android devices is steadily becoming a thing of attraction and all indications show this will become a very efficient and popular technology in the nearest future.

Security is one of the most desired and basic needs of every human, be it the rich or poor. Technological advancement in terms of security has certainly increased in the past few years as evident by the security measures put in place at this present time. Houses and offices now have CCTV and cameras installed in strategic angles for extra security.

The good news now is that technology will keep on improving and you can now monitor whatever is going on in your house or office with the help or the home security apps for Android devices we would be listing here. In no particular order, below are the list of the best home security apps for Android smartphones and tablet available for download presently.

Best Home Security Apps for Android Phones and Tablets

  1. Alfred – Home Security Camera

Alfred is adjudged the most downloaded security app for Android with over 5 million downloads on Google Play; this is actually not a surprise as the app is one of the best home security apps for Android available now.. Alfred allows you to monitor your home in real-time by showing you whatever is happening on your phone or tablet wherever you are, all you need is a reliable internet connection.

The app is free on Google Play and is very easy to set up. Its features include:

  • Simple and friendly UI
  • Motion detection and instant notification
  • Front and rear camera compatibility

Download Alfred from Google Play

  1. is compatible with android phones and tablets; it provides real-time live feed from your office or home to your phone in anywhere you are. The app is well designed and has a lot of important functionality for a security app.

The app requires a subscription package on the website for it to work. Its features include:

  • Home security automation
  • Live video feed and ability to re-watch recorded videos
  • Setting of ideal temperature

Download here from Google Play

  1. AtHome Camera

AtHome Camera is a home security and surveillance app that can be used to monitor your baby, pet, nanny or any activity going on in your home. Just like Alfred, it requires a reliable internet connection and it works just like a professional security system set-up. All live stream on AtHome is secured with P2P connection encryption.

home security apps for android

Its features include:

  • Multiple platforms compatibility
  • Live 3G/4G and WiFi streaming on-the-go
  • Cloud storage
  • Encrypted streaming

Download here from Google Play

  1. i-Security

i-Security is another free app which allows you to monitor live video from security cams anywhere you are. Just like your standard CCTV unit, multiple cams can be monitored on your Android device with the i-Security app.

It is no brainier, this app makes our list of the best home security apps for Android.

home security apps for android

Some of its features include:

  • Multiple servers support
  • Snapshots support
  • Up to 64 channels of live view display

Download here from Google Play

  1. Vivint SkyApp

The Vivint app is a complete home control system that automates everything such as thermostats, doorbell cameras, security cameras, door & window sensors plus lots more. The app is made by Vivint itself just like and it requires a subscription package; it has a nice interface as well.

Its features include:

  • Remote functionality
  • Mobile notifications
  • Optimized climate controls

Download here from Google Play

  1. Video Monitor Surveillance & Mobile Security

If you are looking for a surveillance app with GPS tracking then you should go for this app. Also called TrackView, this is the only mobile security app that simultaneously does event detection, video surveillance, GPS location tracking and remote video recording!

Its features include:

  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • High reliability and excellent video quality at low bandwidth
  • Event detection and instant alert

Download here from Google Play

  1. Ivideon

Ivideon video surveillance app is up there amongst the best home security apps for Android. With Ivideon, you can monitor single and multiple locations in real-time and record locally on your device or to Ivideon’s cloud service.

Its features include:

  • Cloud storage reliability with data security
  • Ability to share camera links on social media
  • Ability to embed surveillance feeds on websites or blogs

Download here from Google Play

Like we said earlier mobile security is steadily gathering pace and it’s certainly the wave of the future. Other notable mentions are SalientEye, ADT Pulse and Nest.

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