10 Best Android Apps of November 2019

Android apps

The method of receiving and giving instructions has gradually changed for the better because technology has gained much traction in the education sector. Various resources have been made digital like textbooks being available as eBooks and blackboards being replaced by overhead projectors. 

All of this has set the bar high for the software development industry and it did meet the standards by developing mobile apps that are specifically for students. Perhaps as a student, you would like to download some of these apps and have them readily available. Which are the best apps for that purpose? 

Here are the ten best Android apps of November 2019


Remind is one of the best apps for Android that exclusively allows you to communicate with your class and teachers. When using regular social media, the chances of getting distracted and chatting with other friends are heightened. 

It also has features such as translation, just in case students need to communicate with friends from foreign countries. You also gain access to features such as voice calling, customizing notifications and urgent messaging notification. 


Edmodo is the ultimate planning app for students with its built-in planner. It has other features such as a messaging board, where you can communicate with the teachers and other classmates. 

One other feature that makes Edmodo stand out as one of those irresistible android apps that is the part of educational games and activities that continually train your brainpower. 

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Seesaw helps students of all ages that learn by using their creative skills to do so using this app. Instead of taking scrupulous notes that they won’t read, they can use the canvas to draw images or graphs that can help them remember better later. 

Seesaw also has a feature to record the screen into a video that can also be used later for studying purposes. It is also one of the best apps available for Android devices.

Explain everything

Explain Everything made it to the list of the best Android apps 2019 because of the helping hand it gives to students when writing assignments. It is a whiteboard where students can create different types of media that can be used in the classroom or just for reference purposes.


Quizizz can be a great pastime for students because they can play quizzes at their own pace while they are training themselves to think more strategically. 

There are quizzes for almost all subjects and also teachers can use them in class to have fun engaging lesson plans. However, this app is ready to be used independently by students and they can benefit greatly from it.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a very reliable tool that students can have. Although blockchain for better public services in data management has not been a big thing yet, but in the education industry, a simple thing like Google Drive does manage data really well. 

You can keep all important material and courseware in the cloud using this tool and only retrieve it when you need to, saving hard disk storage.

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Educreations is a platform available for students to learn almost anything from people who understand those concepts. It is not a formalized setting like a class but you can get insightful videos made by regular people that answer your questions. You can also engage yourself by becoming a contributor and uploading what you do know.


Newsela is an online tool that teaches you a wide variety of subjects by pinning articles under each question or subject title. You get to learn from the most trusted names in the U.S, which verifies the authenticity of the answers or explanations you will get. 


MentalUp is an educational games program designed for little ones where they can daily improve their mental skills by taking only 15 minutes of their time. It has quizzes and games that are relative to your child’s mental capabilities and age. 

The best part is that parents can track their children’s performance and see how they are children are doing.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has an Android app that is the extension of the website. It has beneficial courses that are available for free that add value to students. It uses trusted content with a personalized learning angle to help students individually. The Khan Academy app is a simple way to gain access to this useful and practical app.

The bottom line

Students often face a lot of pressure at school; however, with these apps, they can unwind and relax by playing games that will improve their skills. On the other hand, other apps can help students plan, prepare and improve their academic life, yielding to better grades. 

Some of these apps have canvases or whiteboard where they can express their creativity and use it to their academic advantage. Download the apps that you need the most and improve your academics for a brighter future.

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