You Can Now Start a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser

facebook birthday fundraiser

Back in May, Facebook extended its Fundraiser feature to individuals in the United States after previously limiting the service to non-profits alone. It is now possible to start a Facebook birthday fundraiser; according to Facebook’s Product Director, Mike Nowak, more than 45 million people give birthday wishes on the community hence the importance of making a birthday fundraiser possible.

How to Create a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser

It is no news that people sometimes dedicate their birthday to a particular cause or goal. Cause like helping the less privilege, feeding and providing clothes to the poor or raising money for a particular goal. This will now be possible to do on Facebook.

Two weeks from your birthday, a message will appear in News Feed giving users the option to start a fundraiser for their birthday. This feature is only available in the US and Facebook birthday fundraisers can be created to support any out of the 750,000 non-profit organizations in the US. After creating the fundraiser, a notification appears to your Facebook friends telling them to donate to the cause you chose as shown below.

Facebook birthday fundraiser
Credit: Facebook Newsroom

New Facebook Birthday Video Celebration

In order to make birthday’s extra special, Facebook has also introduced birthday videos which can be shared among close friends.

On your friend’s birthday, a personalized video appears to you on Facebook which can be shared and used to make a wish by you with your friend.

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