Top 10 Best Medical Apps for Android

best medical apps for android

There is just so much one could do with an Android device. The Google Play has a vast category of different apps, among them, are the medical ones. Medical practitioners or non-practitioners like me can benefit greatly from the medical apps on Google Play Store as they have so much functionality. Ranging from pregnancy, drug prescriptions, booking doctors’ appointments and monitoring babies, these great applications do a lot of work. Below is the list of the best medical apps for Android right now.

Top 10 Best Medical Apps for Android

In no particular order, below are the list of the best medical apps for Android you can download on your phone or tablet device.

GoodRx Drug Prices and Coupons

This great Android app promises to save you 80% on your drug description fee and it actually does. Getting the best prices for drugs prescribed by your doctors in pharmacies can be hard especially if you are on low-budget. GoodRx provides current cash and sale prices, coupons and valuable saving tips for as many as prescriptions at pharmacies near you. It tells you which pharmacies have drugs for less than $4 per fill, and if some prescriptions can be gotten free.

GoodRx is free and can be downloaded from Play Store here


best medical apps for android

This app is one of the most used medical resources by physicians. Its features include medical news, drug information and tools, disease and condition information; medical calculators and lots more.

Medscape has offline access for drug, condition, and procedure reference and drug interaction checker. It can be downloaded from Play Store here.


best medical apps for android

If you’ve always thought managing drug prescriptions is not easy then Carezone is here to alleviate your worries. The app makes sure you and your family are up to date with your medications and instructions given by physicians.

CareZone uses the same techniques as banks and security firms meaning your information is safe with the app. Download here from Play Store.

Epocrates Plus

best medical apps for android

Epocrates is arguably one of the best medical apps for Android you will find anywhere. One in two physicians in the US the app to enable better patient care. Epocrates helps medics to review drug prescribing and safety information; check for potentially harmful drug-drug interactions; identify imprint code and physical characteristics, access medical news and timely information and a lot more.

Epocrates can be downloaded from Play Store here.

Feed Baby – Baby Tracker

This is definitely one app every modern nursing mother must have. Feed Baby helps new parents record all aspects of their newborn’s development. With Feed Baby you can track your baby’s breastfeeding, diaper use, nappy, sleep pattern and virtually everything.

Download Feed Baby – Baby Tracker from Android Play Store here.

Medical Terminology

Basically, this is like the encyclopedia for medical terminologies; it is good for students and everyday people who would like to know some medical terms. The good thing is it’s an offline app with a huge database of medical terminologies; so if heard that funny or strange sounding medical terminology, this app got you.

Download here freely from Play Store.

mySugr Diabetes Logbook App

If you are serious about managing your type 1 and type 2 diabetes you should download this app. mySugr App auto-logs your blood sugars, carbs, bolus, hypos, and activity data via connected devices. Add meds, hba1c results, notes, pics, additional blood glucose levels and whatever else you decide is helpful for managing your diabetes.

It is free to download but there is also a pro version which you can decide to upgrade to after seeing how well the free version has served you. Download here from Play Store.

Deep Sleep and Relax Hypnosis

best medical apps for android

If you are suffering from Insomnia, lack of sleep or struggling to get relaxed, there is no better app than Deep Sleep to help you overcome your troubles. The app immerses you into custom created hypnosis sessions, specially designed to give you a meaningful and restful experience. There are audios covering every aspect of sleep in order to give you a personalized experience.

Download Deep Sleep and Relax Hypnosis from Play Store here.

Pregnancy +

This app is not designed to replace the advice of a trained medical doctor but it still does a great job of proving you with interactive images in every week of your pregnancy. The app features daily info; colour and scan images; personal diary; pregnancy weight log; diet exercise and labour info; baby size visualizer; and lots more.

Pregnancy + can be downloaded from Play Store here.

Ovia pregnancy & baby tracker

best medical apps for android

Another pregnancy tracker app. Receive daily feedback on your progress as you track your weight, sleep, moods & symptoms in an easy-to-use calendar. Ovia uses data science and your daily information to deliver personalized plans, milestones, and feedback on your symptoms.

Download here from Google Play Store

There you have it! These are the best medical apps for Android right now.


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