10 Best Pregnancy Apps for Android and iOS

pregnancy apps for iOS

This post will list out the best pregnancy apps for Android and iOS you should try out. It’s happened. All those sexy nights have borne fruit. You are pregnant. Congratulations. Now the not so sexy part starts. Nausea and being treated like an invalid by everyone. Now, it is time to watch over yourself and the baby.

Whether it is your first pregnancy or the fourth, you still desire to have the best tools at your fingertips to stay on top of your health in a more personalized way. With modern devices, not only can you track your health status in an informative entertainment way, but there are also tools within different apps that can help you keep track of your appointments, vitamin schedules, timelines regarding prepping for your baby’s arrival and some even allow you to check in with a doctor remotely.

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So, if you are pregnant and you are looking at some of the apps you should have on your phone, read on and download the ones that fit best with your needs.

Best Pregnancy Apps for Android and iOS

  1. What to Expect Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

pregnancy apps

This popular pregnancy tracking app will guide you through the daily journey of your pregnancy. With its due date calculator, you can start tracking your baby’s growth. As your baby grows, you will receive personalized updates on your baby’s development and tips from experts. Its community feature would also allow you to interact and meet other parents-to-be.

Get it for iOS and Android.

  1. WebMD Pregnancy

best pregnancy apps for ios and android

WebMD is a pretty comprehensive app which offers trusted health information for expecting parents and lets you keep track of the growth and development of the baby weekly. Expertly curated articles by over 900 doctors come with this application. It also features a pregnancy community where you can connect with other parents and share the pain and joy of the journey. Other features include journal and belly photo album which helps pregnant women prepare and fully embrace the incoming motherhood experience. This app is certainly one of the best pregnancy apps for iOS and is highly recommended

Get it for iOS. It’s now just been made available for Android.

  1. Expectful

If you believe in the calming and healing effects of meditation, Expectful is an iOS app that not only would help give your baby the best start in life, but it is also useful for those who are trying to conceive. It provides fertility, trimester and motherhood guided mediations available in two different time formats. It also has recommended exercises you can use to keep fit and grounded throughout the day.

Get it for iOS

  1. Totally Pregnant App

If you would like an application that has anticipated a majority of your questions and is also ready to take on unique ones from you, this is the app for you. Tailored to your specific condition and state of pregnancy, Totally Pregnant offers you a community of moms who have been through the experience and are available to help. It is free on both platforms. Free, available for 

iOS and Android

  1. Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tracker

best pregnancy apps

Yes, there are plenty of apps that will connect you with experts and alleviate your concerns in a language that you understand. Hello Belly is an app that delivers those answers to you in a simple and understandable manner. Professional tips on the progress of your baby and your health. It is useful for both mom and dad. It also features 3D visualization of the womb. One of thes best pregnency apps for iOS and Android.

Download on iOS and Google Play

  1. 50,000 Baby Names

pregnancy apps for iOS and Android

Finding the right name for your baby can be a tedious task, especially when you have zero sentimental attachment to none beforehand. Cue 50000 baby names, an app that as named, 50000 baby names. You can find names and their meaning. Hear out it sounds and the origin of each name. You can also connect with your friends and have them make their suggestions on the app.

Get free and Pro Version on IOS, Free on Google Play

  1. The Bump Pregnancy App

Available for iOS and Android.

This app features addicting week-by-week pregnancy guide that evaluates the stage of your pregnancy with an illustration of a cute fruit. Each day is populated editorial baby articles that cover all our symptoms and developments. It also features helpful reminders and checklists for each stage of your pregnancy along with access to real-time answers to all your baby questions. Available for iOS and Android.

  1. Pregnancy+

With over 20 million users, Pregnany+ is one of the best pregnancy apps for Android and iOS used by expecting mothers. Its robustness allows it to be personalized for dads, and other members of the family. Its many features include a personal diary, doctor visit logs, colour and scan images, daily pregnancy information, kick counter and many more. It is available on iOS and Android.

  1. Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App

pregnancy apps for iOS

This app features specialized tips that correspond with how far along you are in your pregnancy. It features a pregnancy tracker and baby development calendar where you will receive well-timed information on what to expect throughout your pregnancy. It also features community groups along with other games to ease your mind during your pregnancy. Certainly one of the best pregnancy apps for Android and iOS, It is available on iOS and Android.

  1. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

This pregnancy tracker allows you to easily track your baby’s growth, symptoms, photos, and it features a community section where you can interact and ask questions from other expectant mothers or parents. It also features a due date calculator that counts down to the baby’s arrival. It is highly rated on the play store at 4.8 Available on iOS and Android.


We’ve listed out the best pregnancy apps for Android and iOS for expecting mothers and those in the early stages of pregnancy. All apps are great and will certainly help and make being pregnant fun.

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  1. Hi,
    that was a lovely write up. Please I am working on my MSc project and I would like to know if the list in this post are commonly used in Nigeria. If not do you have a list of commonly used pregnancy apps in Nigeria?

  2. Hi,
    that was a lovely write up. Please I am working on my MSc project and I would like to know if the list in this post are commonly used in Nigeria. If not do you have a list of commonly used pregnancy apps in Nigeria?

    • Nigerians have not fully embraced the habit of using apps for “things” such as this. Pregnancy is seen as “sacred” and Nigerians would rather have their mother-inlaws or their mum looking after them. The article is more of a global thing than local.

  3. I’m Nigerian. I use different apps for each pregnancy and I enjoy monitoring my embryo/foetus daily! The bump can’t be used in Nigeria tho. Babycenter is my best so far

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