Top 5 Best Tablet Browsers for Android Devices

best tablet browsers for android

Surfing the internet on your tablet should be an enjoyable activity only if you are using one of the best tablet browsers for Android we shall be discussing here. Web browsers are among the most essential apps on any smartphone. A good phone browser can improve your experience while browsing even unresponsive and slow pages by increasing the speed at which the pages load, activating third-party plugins and storing your passwords.

We know that having the right features as well as performance while surfing web pages can literally transform your whole experience. This is why we have selected the very best tablet browsers for Android devices you can choose from.

Best Tablet Browsers for Android Devices

  1. Google Chrome

Widely regarded as the most popular browser app on Android phones, Chrome has a number of cornucopia options: It can initiate searches from your address bar, can fill web forms automatically and can privately browse webpages in Incognito mode. The app is best enjoyed with a Google account. Once you log in, Chrome syncs the tabs in your bookmark as well as history across your phones, laptop, etc. and also remembers your details like usernames and passwords. Furthermore, syncing your Google account with your browser app also makes Chrome complete your web searches automatically.

best tablet browsers for android

However, you do not need a Google account to benefit from the tabbed browsing feature of the browser; this option, with just a few taps on your tablet screen, allows you switch between web pages. Furthermore, Google Chrome saves your internet data and speeds up your browsing by compressing images, fonts as well as other objects on the webpage. To enjoy the latest features of this browser app on your tablet, make sure you update your Android features to the most recent ones.

  1. Chromer

It is one of the Android browser apps with more unique features. Chromer does not really work the way a typical browser does; what it does is that it acts as a launcher for Chrome Custom Tabs. By hijacking web links and opening them in a stand-alone Chrome Custom Tab, this app makes your browsing experience an easy and quick one. To enjoy the full features of Chromer, you will have to install Chrome on your tablet. It can also be used lightly as a browser.

  1. Dolphin Browser

This app has enjoyed a lot of success on the Android platform. Its features — which include flash support, theming, incognito mode, ad-block, etc. — are decent. Dolphin, owing to its impressive features, is surely one of the best tablet browser apps around. It has an add-on as well as extension support.

Released over 4 years ago, this browser app has managed to be relevant using options such as Dolphin Sonar, Gesture browsing and Webzine. Dolphin Sonar allows you search for things using voice inputs, and Gesture browsing enables you to bookmark pages using finger gestures. Webzine aggregates over three hundred sources from the internet in different disciplines within a magazine style digest, which is offline. This feature is similar to Flipboard.

  1. Firefox

Developed by Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit organization, Firefox offers unique features to its users. It provides support for extensions, which are third-party tools useful for improving the browsing experience on your tablet in myriads of ways. But extensions do not represent all the unique features of Firefox as it offers Adblock Plus, password manager, text-to-speech functionality, and lots more.

best tablet browsers for android

Firefox can be viewed in night mode, has a number of webpage colours to reduce strain on the eyes. It’s a range of privacy controls allowing you block ad networks so as to prevent them from tracking the habits of your browsing. Its bookmark, password and history features are similar to those of Google Chrome. Also, its tab syncing functionalities are the very best available. This powerful app is 100% free to enjoy on your tablet. To get the most recent updates, you may also download the Firefox beta version.

  1. Flynx

This browser app offers users a unique experience through its ability to work in a floating window in contrast with a full-screen mode. It provides fast browsing of the internet and has night mode. When you open a web link, a little bubble shows up on your screen size and the webpage will keep on loading in the background until you want to read it by clicking on the bubble.

Final Thoughts

For a remarkable browsing experience, we have provided information for you about the top 5 best tablet browser for the Android OS. These apps offer you features like a quick opening of web pages, saving of data, night mode, incognito mode, among others.


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