Swelling Battery Problem in iPhone 8 Occurs in the US for the First Time

iphone 8 battery

A case of swollen battery in iPhone 8 has now been reported for the first time in the United States. This incident is coming one week after Apple stated it was investigating what makes batteries to swell up and consequently lead to splitting of phones apart. On Reddit, an employee working with Best Buy made a post on the site saying that an iPhone 8, sold to a customer, was returned. He also corroborated his claim with a picture shown below.

iphone 8 battery
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Possible Delay in iPhone X Launch

Apple is set to launch iPhone X on the 3rd of November and pre-orders will start on the 27th of October. However, this latest problem could affect the launch as there are rumors suggesting that the event will be postponed. So far, the American tech giant has not verified any of these speculations.

Cases of swollen batteries resulting in splitting of phones have now risen. In some of these reports, few iPhone 8 batteries ballooned up during transit; others started malfunctioning while the phones were being charged.

Comparison with Fire Explosion Caused by Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In a related development, last year many Note 7 smartphones caught fire and exploded. The incident was linked to a fundamental flaw in the battery design, which made the battery to short-circuit and explode. After there were thirty five cases of overheating Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from different places around the world, the company — for the first time in its history — decided to recall all these smartphones that it had sold. The number of phones that were recalled was over 1 million from the total volume of production around 2.5 million. After the company announced the recall for the first time, the number of Note 7 smartphones that exploded had quadrupled.

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However, this recent case involving Apple iPhone 8 is nothing like the Note 7’s incidents: So far, there are no reports of fire outbreak and no cases of explosion. Also, no injury has been done to anyone and no damage to property.

Possible Causes of the iPhone 8 Incident

Cases of ballooning or bulging batteries only have one meaning — there is accumulation of gas within the battery. Li-ion batteries are lethal and a large accumulation of gas causes them to explode. These gases are made from electrochemical oxidation of the electrolyte in your battery. Usually, this kind of oxidation reaction takes place as a result of a malfunctioning defect in the battery, charging the battery excessively or malfunctioning charging components within the battery or the phone itself.

The real cause of this incident has not been verified by Apple. But the iPhone batteries could have swollen up as a result of a defect in them. This is most likely the cause of the problem because many of the affected smartphones do not seem to have suffered any damage from impact, which could make the battery swell up. As a matter of fact, the number of iPhone 8 batteries that have bulged while in transit is more than one; thus, those smartphones were still sealed and protected inside their boxes at the period when the malfunction took place.

All of the reports about this issue had come from other countries except the United States; so the case reported by the member of staff in Best Buy represented the first of its kind involving a swollen iPhone 8 battery in the North American country. While many of such reports might follow this one, so far the number of iPhone 8 smartphones that are affected is still quite small because millions of the phones have been sold already.

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