Top 5 Free VPN Apps for Android to Bypass Country Restrictions

free vpn apps for android

A VPN is one of the important network technologies that creates a secure connection and ensures online privacy over a public network.  Due to the developing phone industry,  users also consider number public network but they also prefer to protect their phone from hackers as well as scam artists.

Normally, VPNs are really essential to enjoying a secure experience when you browse on the internet. At the same time, you can also use public Wi-Fi as well as this will help you to protect your privacy and no matter where you are.  With the help of VPN, you will also have possibilities to unlock content as well as applications. Unlike any options, VPNs are an effective option to bypass geolocation restrictions at the same time secure your connection. Now there are different VPN services available that work on Android as well as help you to enjoy everything and anything that internet offers, even you enjoy different options without compromising your data.

Using a free VPN app for android would be ideal to bypass the country restrictions at the same time they are also trustworthy. Here the list of top five free VPN apps for Android services that can help you a lot, with the help of this you can easily bypass country restriction on Android as well as protect privacy.

Best 5 Free VPN Apps for Android

Psiphon 3:

Psiphon 3 is one of the powerful and special types of software that allows you to experience ultimate privacy and security. Most importantly, this programme also breaks through government blocks as well as restrictions on sites which mean it allows everyone can get access to the content they want. Normally, most of the folks experience some problems when they trying to access a website that has been blocked by any other authority and the government. It is the particular problem but Psiphon is actually allowed user to get immediate access as well as allows them to bypass government blocks which mean anyone can get access to any website they want. No matter where they are in the world, this app allows you to get access without any troubles.

free vpn apps for android

First of all, Psiphon is free to download as well as use it is illegal in many countries, in addition to this you can also enjoy some special features that allow anyone to experience ultimate comfort while accessing the site.

Benefits Of Psiphon 3 For Android

  • Free app
  • Bespoke UI with dynamic,
  • Available with eye-soothing background themes
  • Allows user to access anything on the Internet through secure tunnel
  • Provides clear and reliable knowledge related to traffic inflow
  • Once accessing is complete then the user also shut down the app

Finch VPN :

FinchVPN is widely utilized VPN service and available for Android, in order to use this app you need to create a free account even this app also allows user to choose location and server from  France, US, Canada etc. FinchVPN always work well, with the help of this anyone get quick access to many fast servers.

free vpn apps for android


  • Hide online identity
  • Secured wi-fi hotspot
  • Unblock region restrictions
  • Stop data sniffers
  • Bypass censorship etc

Betternet VPN:

Betternet is the  free VPN services for Android, it is the powerful app but most time it’s US or Canada, even  you also have possibilities to connect to servers at Singapore, UK, Netherlands etc. currently, most people also take the advantages of Betternet through this they can get quick protection and security  against dangers of cyber globe. Besides, Betternet provides excellent support as well as offers exclusive internet freedom to the user who needs single-touch right of entry to free services or any geo-blocked websites.

free vpn apps for android


  • Improved connection speed
  • One touch server selection
  • No bandwidth caps
  • Free trial
  • Simple-to-use and install
  • No data caps
  • Provides services in ten + locations
  • No traffic and bandwidth limit
  • One tap link VPN
  • Connects user to the quickest server
  • Saves your anonymity
  • Provides user with a private browser
  • Zero activity logging policy

Hideman VPN:

Hideman VPN is perfect for the android user because this app gives you a long list of countries with this you can easily choose from even in the free mode. In order to use this app you no need to create an account.  Generally, Hideman can help you with that.   Even you will also get free hours on the app at the same time share links for the apps. This free app allows you to get a wonderful experience, with the help of this you can easily access government blocked website and other resources.

free vpn apps for android
top 5 free vpn apps for android to bypass restrictions


  • Secures publicly visible connections
  • Secures sensitive data including documents, download, email messages etc
  • Provides secured online shopping
  • Protects data while using public Wi-Fi spots
  • Protects user from identity thefts
  • Blocks incoming malicious traffic
  • Ultimate privacy and Internet freedom
  • Eliminates Internet censorship issues
  • Secured banking transactions
  • Eliminates phishing attacks, targeted advertising and malicious activities
  • Prevent DNS Hijacking
  • Provides remote access to websites and apps that may be unavailable in your location
  • Unlocks geo-restricted websites

Hotspot Shield Free Vpn:

Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy is the best option that gives the power to start the VPN service and this app provides more security and privacy than others. Even it is the free app that allows you to get a customized experience, paid version also available that allows the user to take ad-free experience.

free vpn apps for android
top 5 free vpn apps for android to bypass restrictions


  • Unblock websites
  • Hide your IP address
  • Private and security browsing
  • Malware protection
  • Wi-fi security
  • Mobile Security
  • Anonymous surfing


There are thousands of free VPN services available for free but before going to choose anyone it is important to consider your specific needs, the, if you need to get customized experience use, must use the above mentioned free VPN apps for Android that offer round the clock security & privacy.

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