10 Best Quit Smoking Apps for Android

quit smoking apps for android

What are the best quit smoking apps for Android? Once you are addicted to smoking — in whatever form — it becomes a herculean task to quit. But if you have enough determination, then you will find that it will be easier to quit the habit. Realizing this goal will allow you to lead a healthy life and improve your general wellbeing.

According to the NHS, the number of adults smoking is lower than it used to be in the past. About 14.9% of adults are categorized as current smokers at the moment, down from 19.8% in 2011. 

While quitting this habit is not as easy as merely stubbing out a cigarette, with the right levels of determination, discipline, and support, it is achievable. If you’re among the people that have developed this unhealthy habit of smoking, you can go ahead and get rid of it. Here are some of the best quit smoking apps for Android to help you out.


Best Quit Smoking Apps for Android

Smoke Free

Smoke Free is an awesome app that can is very helpful in quitting smoking. The software, which is recommended by tons of quitters, is well designed with a clear layout, which shows all the data you’d need to keep tabs on frequently to stay focused and motivated. Smoke Free helps calculate the no. of cigarettes you avoided, your yearly savings, the no. of smoke-free seconds as well as how much life you’ve regained.

The free app also utilizes the data to let you know how much of a non-smoker you’ve become, using different bodily parameters such as Oxygen levels, pulse, breathing, Nicotine ingestion, energy levels, and others. Smoke Free provides you with various missions each day, in addition to a personalized GIF message to help you stay motivated.

Download Smoke Free from the Play Store

Quit Now

With one million+ downloads on the Google Play Store, Quit Now, which is developed by Fewlaps, is one of the most popular quit smoking apps available. In your quest to say bye to smoking, if you seek an app that is simple and has a neat interface, Quit Now is your best bet. The software offers all your info in a neatly laid out manner that you find very easy to navigate. On the home screen, you will find some unique details such as the day you started the process and the corresponding time in sec. However, the feature that makes this app stand out from the pack is the ability to chat with a community of people with the same goal to give up smoking like you. You can have a chat with them, discuss your feelings, your challenges, and also give a response to a specific comment made by an individual.

There is a Twitter-like Mentions tab, showing if a person tagged you in their comment. Quit Now awards you with achievements after realizing a specific goal; it also presents you info on your health gain in percentage. Certainly one of the best quit smoking apps for Android.

Download Quit Now from the Play Store

Stop Smoking: EasyQuit

Coming right up is EasyQuit, another top app that can help you give up smoking. Though EasyQuit by Mario Hanna may appear slightly funky and colourful, it is loaded with a variety of features that can help break your nicotine addiction. It comes with a range of similar features to the above-mentioned mobile apps, giving you the motivation to stick to your resolve by providing you with info on money saves, cigarettes you did not smoke since you quit, and control the urge to light up. It even has the biggest motivator of all, which is how quitting has benefitted your health.

If you haven’t quit smoking yet and are seeking help in stopping this unhealthy habit of smoking, EasyQuit offers you a Quit Slowly mode, allowing you to set up a plan to curb nicotine addiction without putting you through any instant pain, intense craving, or suffering.

Download EasyQuit from the Play Store

Quit Tracker

This is another great app, popularly recommended by many cigarette-quitters. It has an easy-to-use interface, which is gentle on the eyes, with its white & red material theme design, providing you with all the necessary details you need to keep tabs on. It asks you to state your reasons for smoking, to maintain a diary, or to distract yourself with mini-games that are incorporated in it. Quit Tracker displays the total time during which you have been smoke-free, along with money saved in the process as well as other similar progress stats figures. You will also be able to see your numbers on money and life expectancy underneath, in addition to tips for everyone struggling to abstain from nicotine. You will see achievements/ health goals.

Quit Tracker is free with in-app purchase starting at $2.99. The free contains ads.

Download Quit Tracker from the Play Store

Drop It! Quit Smoking

Are you tired of smoking? Drop It! can help you get rid of this poor habit. Designed by Nikola Mladenovic, this app presents you with only your essential data, such as time without smoking, no. of cigarettes avoided, along with money saved in the process, and other details. You will be able to see the health data in bars and could be pleasing to the eyes, compared with the overly-detailed presentations of the previously computed ones. However, there is nothing else that will keep you engaged or get you distracted from your cravings. Drop It! is ideal for you if you want something simple.

Download Drop It! from the Play Store


If you go through the features of Flamy, you will see it’s easily one of the most feature-rich and well-designed apps that can assist anyone, who is finding it difficult to beat their cigarette addiction. The app, which is developed by Hartmut Offenwanger, presents you with the feature for choosing between 2 kinds of programs — a free 14-day challenge as well as paid One less everyday regime that lets you get rid of the habit, slowly.

One of the most remarkable features of Flamy is that it allows you to challenge a friend who can avoid nicotine for a longer period.

Download Flamy from the Play Store

Sobriety Counter (a.k.a. Quitzilla)

One of the things you would like about this app is that it is clean and responsive. The app made is specifically built for combating any addiction that could plague your life. Sobriety Counter is ideal for you if you are striving to go nicotine-free. That is because it doesn’t jump straight to stats or questions. Instead of this, it presents you with a bunch of habits, and you’ve to select the habit you seek to get rid of and get access to the tracker, along with all its tools after this process.

Sobriety Counter shows you some crucial figures after you have been able to quit, and with its rewards & trophy room, it can motivate you not to give up. It has a simple interface, which is not cluttered with features and only shows you the necessary ones.

Download Sobriety Counter from the Play Store

Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer

Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer is built to gradually help you get rid of the habit of smoking. It works differently than other similar apps that enable you to track the timeline since you quit smoking. Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer, which is developed by Iteration Mobile & Vialsoft Apps, asks you many questions that are related to your smoking history. It will then recommend a 21-day regime to assist you in giving up the habit. You will be asked to complete 4 tasks: a daily challenge, reflection into your smoking habit, answers you provide concerning the addiction as well as a review of the day.

Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer equally offers relaxation techniques and mini-games, which will help you avoid picking up those cigarettes again.

Download Stop Tobacco Mobile Trainer from the Play Store

Craving to Quit

In comparison with the other apps whose features we highlighted above, Craving to Quit adopts a slightly different but effective approach to assist you to give up your smoking addiction. The software devises a 21-day program, based on a smoking cessation program that was designed and tested at Yale University. The program is spread out over 4 weeks.

One of the highlights of this app is, it utilizes video & audio tutorials you have to watch each day, in addition to meditation, cigarette tracker as well as daily achievements.

Download Craving to Quit from the Play Store

Smoke Money

Smoke Money is a cool app to help stop your smoking addiction; especially if you are a minimalist whose biggest motivation to quit smoking is money. The app does not pack many features here as you will only see the sum total of money you have saved since you quit the habit. You’ve to enter the date you plan to quit, the no. of packs you smoked daily or monthly, and what each pack will cost in your country.

The app then computes your savings and displays the same front & centre. Smoke Money also provides info on your previous attempts to give up smoking and allows you to reset your attempt any time you want.

Download Smoke Money from the Play Store

Those are the 10 best quit smoking apps for Android you can try out on your smartphone or tablet in 2019.

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