10 Best Quit Smoking Apps for iOS

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In the US, smoking remains one of the major causes of preventable disease and death, and the same thing applies to other parts of the world.  Not only is smoking injurious to your health, but also to that of everyone that is in your vicinity when you smoke. It results in a large number of health problems, along with a wide range of diseases. According to one of the latest studies on smoking diseases among adults, it’s an unhealthy habit that has an effect on virtually all organs in your body.

And due to the nature of nicotine, it is almost impossible killing the habit. This addiction gets the smoker irritable in nature, raising their anxiety levels, bringing about other adverse effects on the levels of concentration.

Are you tired of indulging in the unhealthy habit of smoking? Are you really determined to quit smoking? Fortunately, there are options that can help you achieve this: Simply download an app that enables you to quit this habit easily.


Best Quit Smoking Apps for iOS

In this write-up, we have rounded up the 10 best quit smoking apps for iOS, which can enable you to quit smoking. In handpicking these apps, we focused on quality, reliability, and great reviews. Here they are:

QuitNow! Quit Smoking

A product of Fewlaps, QuitNow! is a very popular app, which provides a crisp & elegant design, coupled with a colourful and easy to use interface. Downloaded millions of times on both the App Store and the Play Store, the software has been rated among the leading apps that help myriads of users get rid of their smoking habit.

QuitNow! makes it easier for you to quit smoking by focusing your effort on the 4 sections, Your ex-smoker status, Achievements, Community, and Your ex-smoker health. It has a powerful community base, offering you regular chats with other users that have been successful in killing the poor habit of smoking. You can have a word with them to make you stay focused in getting rid of smoking without much difficulty.

QuitNow! keeps you well engaged with the achievement section, comprising goals you seek to achieve. This helps keep your efforts focused on saying bye to smoking and makes it easier for you to quit smoking.

Download QuitNow! from the App Store  

Smoke Free

This is another app you will find useful in your quest to get rid of your smoking habit. After downloading the app and installing it, as you use it, you will be provided with an account of how much money you’ve saved as well as the number of cigarettes you’ve avoided. Smoke Free offers you health-related info, showing the way your health is improving on a daily basis.

You’ll be given a variety of tasks that are related to stopping smoking, known as a mission. On the app, you will also get various badges at different points of time, based on your performance in the missions. If at any point you notice any form of cravings, you can have them logged on the app and receive many tips on how to find a solution to the challenge. This ensures that you stay motivated in quitting smoking.

Download Smoke Free from the App Store

Butt Out

Butt Out is an amazing app you need to get if you’re serious about quitting the habit of smoking. It comes equipped with various techniques for quitting cigarettes, such as tapering off or the stopping turkey method. The Butt Out app helps you maintain a log of every one of your health-related records in real-time. It also offers you frequent tips as well as tricks for keeping your cravings in check and in further improving your health.

Apart from these, this software displays an approximation of how much money you’ve saved by avoiding smoking till date. Though it is not free, it is worth every dime spent on it.

Download the Butt Out app from the App Store

Quit Smoking Now by Max Kirsten

This software was voted by Medical News Today as the best app to quit smoking about 2 years ago. Other than this, Quit Smoking Now has earned several other awards, showing it is a highly rated app in this category.

The app developer, Max Kirsten himself, is an award winner, who has assisted a lot of popular celebs in quitting smoking. With his mobile app, he will thoroughly motivate you to get rid of your poor smoking habit. You will find the well-versed sessions of FAQs, recorded audio & videos.

The dashboard of this application offers details on the no. of days you haven’t smoked, along with a number of cigarettes that you haven’t smoked during the period in question. Such details will also include the amount of money you’ve saved over that period. Like Butt Out, Quit Smoking Now is not free.

Download Quit Smoking Now from the App Store

Kwit: Smoking Cessation

Kwit is a fascinating app, featuring a game-like mechanism. The program consists of 84 different levels the users is to achieve to quit smoking. If you check profile screen, you will see stats, such as willpower, health, life as well as time passed since you smoked last.

Kwit has a dashboard that comes with a monitor feature, which helps you keep a track of your progress. It provides you with regular tips, useful to control your cravings for smoking. Also, the app allows you to share your progress on social media networks.

The Kwit app displays stats, such as the no. of cigarettes you have not smoked, the amount of money that you have been able to save in the progress, your willpower status. Such statistics can serve as a boost for you, motivating you further to stop your smoking habit.

The app is free but comes with some in-app purchases.

Download the Kwit app from the App Store

Quit It Lite

Looking for a motivational app that provides you with immense encouragement & support for quitting smoking? Quit It Lite is a great option to try out. It is also helpful for ex-quitters that want to abstain from smoking by offering the benefits of avoiding smoking.

The Quit It Lite app features details, such as the no. of cigarettes that you have not smoked, along with an estimate of the amount of money you have been able to save during the progress.

The software enables you to define your goals and then rates you, based on your performance. Once you are able to realize your goals, it allows you to share your achievements with family, with friends.

Download Quit It Lite from the App Store

Quitter’s Circle

This software enables you to quit smoking through the creation of personalized QuitPlan by setting goals up for yourselves. You will be required to create milestones for yourselves, and Quitter’s Circle will help you by monitoring the progress you make.

You can build a QuitTeam, comprising your family & friends. Quitter’s Circle lets you further share your emotions & notifications with your Quit Team for the whole duration of your smoking quit journey.

It also allows you to raise a QuitFund from your support to assist you in covering costs that are related to doctors’ visits, treatments, etc. It shows all your progress, which includes the savings you’ve made that you can equally share with your family & friends.

Download Quitter’s Circle from the App Store 

LiveStrong MyQuit Coach

LiveStrong MyQuit Coach allows you to get your own personalized plan for getting rid of your smoking habit. This app enables you to keep a track of the no. of cigarettes that you smoke daily. This eases your cravings and motivates you to abstain from smoking.

LiveStrong MyQuit Coach allows you to select the plan by cold turkey way or by cutting down on the amount of nicotine you take daily. This program comes with a strong community base that helps you stay motivated and offers you support in achieving your goal.

Download LiveStrong MyQuit Coach from the App Store

My Last Cigarette

This is a free app that gives you the motivation to quit smoking and enjoy a number of health improvements. Like the other similar apps mentioned above, it lets you check out increase in your expected lifespan, improvements in your circulatory & lung function, changes in your risk of developing lung cancer and heart attack, etc. The My Last Cigarette app has helped tons of people get rid of their smoking habit with more than 10 readouts, which keep you informed & motivated.

Download My Last Cigarette from the App Store. One of the best quit smoking apps around.


Unsmok’d is another great software that helps you say bye to smoking. It is designed by Mito Studio and offers you awards, which serve as proof of your resistance & willpower. This will motivate you to stay focused on realizing your goals.  If you notice any craving to have a cigarette, launch the app; and it will provide you with a random video. The idea behind this is, by the time you are done watching the video, the urge will have disappeared.

Download Unsmok’d from the App Store 

These are the best quit smoking apps for iOS right now. featured image: Luis Fernandes

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