5 Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android and iOS

Keeping track of your food and calorie intake is germane to leading a healthy and happy life. Experts say people that have imbibed the habit of logging calories tend to shed more weight and show a greater likelihood of maintaining their weight in the long run. As you may well have guessed, it is extremely easy to keep count of your calories in this day and age, thanks to an impressive collection of nifty apps for Android and iOS, which can help you in logging your meals and tracking your intake. Below, we have reviewed the best calorie counter apps available for these 2 platforms.

Best Calorie Counter Apps for Android and iOS

  1. Lifesum

Best Calorie Counter Apps

This Food Diary Meal Planner & Diet Tracker — developed by Lifesum AB and released on June 16, 2011 — has several much-deserved awards, including Android Excellence Apps 2017, Editors’ Choice 2016, and Top Developer 2016. Downloaded over 10 million times on the Play Store, it can be likened to a personal coach as it teaches you how to inculcate the habits of eating on time, of eating healthy, of staying fit. It is a quality calorie counter and food tracker that features barcode scanner for stress-free logging. Designed with an attractive interface, this tool offers a macro calculator to let you monitor your daily macros, nutrition as well as calories.

Another remarkable feature of Lifesum is, it allows you build a health profile for saving personal and diet info. Immediately you enter your diet info, the app will give you meal suggestions. It even lets you track your measurements for arms, chest, waist, and so on in a bid to ensure that you stay healthy and fit. This software is compatible with Android and iOS and is certainly one of the best calorie counter apps around.

Download on Google Play for Android and on App Store for iOS.

  1. Lose It!

Lose It!, like Lifesum app, has been more than 10 million downloads on Google Play Store. It is a top-rated calories counter, developed by FitNow Inc., which allows you set a fitness goal, keeps track of the foods you regularly take in a bid to help you lose weight. One of the many exciting features of Lose It! is that it lets you connect a pedometer, Google Fit, Fitbit scales, Misfit trackers, or similar fitness devices to it.

Furthermore, it provides a personalized suggestion for you on your caloric intake — a metric determined by your goals, age, height, and weight. It works well with both Android and iOS platforms. The program offers you an amazing review of your progress in the “My Day” section. This will, among other benefits, inspire you never to quit.  While it has many great features in the free version, its premium option even comes with more robust offerings. One of these is, it gives you details on your hydration, body fat, sleep cycles, just to mention a few.

Download on Google Play for Android and on App Store for iOS.

  1. Jawbone UP

Jawbone Up is another highly rated fitness tracker that has over 1 million downloads on the Play Store, a testament to its awesomeness. It comes in both Android and iOS versions, allowing you track your sleep and movement. UP is a multilingual app featuring Smart Coach, an option that serves as an intelligent guide to help you make healthier choices every single day. It is a revolutionary system, which provides accurate calories counts, devoid of any guesswork.

It also comes with a barcode scanner, like other apps under this category, for painless logging.  Jawbone UP features many sensors that make use of data on your weight, activity duration height as well as intensity. Its latest version offers big pictures, providing easy food log that is split into food groups as well as meal times. It allows you capture pictures of your meals and include them in portion sizes along with nutritional info. This option is beneficial as it helps you maintain a correct food diary.

Download on Google Play for Android and on App Store for iOS.

  1. Weight Loss & BMI Calculator

Best Calorie Counter Apps

With more than 5 million downloads on Google Play Store, this counter app is ideal for shedding weight. It serves as a professional BMI (body mass index) calculator & charts, provides your body weight diary, weight goals, motivation incentives as well as body data trackers. Weight Loss & BMI Calculator is the best choice to function as a complement to your normal diets. It is compatible with the Android platform as it is with OS.

Download on Google Play for Android and on App Store for iOS.

  1. Weight Loss Fitness by Verv

Best Calorie Counter Apps

Available in over 10 languages, including French, Portuguese, German and several others, this app helps you stay fit by developing a customized workout plan, which is well-suited to your needs and preferences. It also provides great tips for you that can help in shedding unwanted weight fast and burn excess calories. Like the other pieces of software we have discussed above, Weight Loss Fitness by Verv also supports smartphones that run Android and iOS.

Download on Google Play for Android and on App Store for iOS.


At this juncture, we will draw the curtain on today’s review. The calorie counter apps here set you through on your way to living a healthy lifestyle.

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