5 Best Discord Bots You Must Try Out

Looking for software that activates servers to talk to your friends? Or maybe you want one that also plans battles, events or even allows groups to play music? If yes, then try Discord.

With such features, Discord has become a favourite in the VOIP space but to get more services, consider looking outside the app. Discord bots enhance your server and offers numerous entertainment options and modifications to the platform.

When you invite the bots to your server, they act like members by playing audio files or sending messages like a regular user.

Now that you know how they work, here are the best Discord bots we know your users will love!

Best Discord Bots You Should Use

Let’s talk about the five best Discord Bots.

GameStats Bot

The GameStats Bot allows users to display and compare statistics between server members primarily if the discord server acts as a hub for gaming. All it takes is a simple command with which you can check a player’s statistics on games they are currently playing. These stats include recent match scores, favourite characters, and kill/death ratios.

gamestats discord bots

GameStats works on more than 15 favourite online multiplayer games such as Dota 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Battlegrounds.

You can download the Game Stats Bot here

Pokecord Bot

If you want to add some entertainment to your game channel, check out PokeCord as this bot serves as minigame that pops up during chats. You can play the game when a Pokemon appears on the server by battling or collecting them.

pokecord best discord bots

On this minigame, you can level up your Pokemon character during battles between you and other users on the server. Although its a trimmed down copy of Pokemon, it’s easy to use and provides intense gameplay.

You can download the PokeCord bot here.

Pancake Bot

From offering server moderation and music functionality, Pancake Bot serves as a bot that handles multiple roles. It has these features due to its numerous commands.

pancake best discord bots

Its music player allows users stream audio from Twitch, Soundcloud and YouTube. Immediately a request is made, the bot joins the voice channel with the user and begins to play. Since the bot’s output is from the source, the music has top quality audio.

The music player also supports a queue made up of songs requested by users. It also has skip and pause functions.

It also has features that help with server moderation. For instance, you can use Pancake Bot to assign roles to first time users on a server. This feature protects against spam and offers permission functionality. It even provides personalized welcome messages to new users on any text channel.

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It is also worth taking a look at their simple timed mute and ban solution, which is imperative for the management of any large server. Further, Pancake can delete messages in bulk to clean up spam in one click.

Furthermore, Pancake Bot has timed mute and ban solution which helps when managing large servers. It also helps clean spam by deleting messages in bulk. You can check out the command list for more functions of this bot before installation.

You can download Pancake Bot here.

Tatsumaki Bot

Tatsumaki offers an enhanced server experience to your discord channel. This is because it provides new tools a well as converts Discord to a game. It achieves the final option by offering points and assigning levels and scores based on server activity.

Tatsumaki discord bots

As users slowly accumulate points, they place themselves on a leader board with the other users of the server.

It also includes a leader board where users are displayed after gathering points. The bot also gives a personal profile to each Discord user where they can set pictures and backgrounds.

Thanks to Tatsumaki, you can have access to improvements to your server. These include welcome messages, quick poll voting, news feeds, reminders, instant YouTube and Google Searches from Discord and link shortening.

Also, the bot offers a management dashboard with which the server’s admin can handle settings, enforce bans amongst others.

You can download Tatsumaki here.

Trivia Bot

Feeling a little competitive? TriviaBot will quench your urge as it pits you against other server users in a game of multiple-choice trivia. This includes 40 question categories with score leaderboards.

trivia discord bots

The bot supports three commands, one each for starting the game, pausing the game and switching the category. This makes it easy for users to create short games.

Although TriviaBot provides a single minigame, it offers hours of gameplay with its endless activities.

You can download TriviaBot here.


There are a large number of Discord Bots; however, the ones mentioned above offer better options than others. Do you agree with our selection? Please let us know in the comment box below.

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