Sony Rolls Out PS5 System Software Update with Discord Integration and Support for 1440p

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Sony has rolled out its next major PS5 system software update featuring Discord voice chat integration, Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support for 1440p resolution, updates to UX, accessibility and social enhancements. The update is available globally; all PS5 owners can download and apply today.

One of the highly anticipated features is the Discord voice chat integration. PS5 owners can now join voice chats and chat with friends on other gaming platforms. To start, players must link their Discord to their PlayStation Network (PSN) account on the console,, or via the Discord app on Windows, Mac or mobile with the steps outlined here. After that, players use the updated Discord app on a computer or mobile to initiate a voice chat on the PS5 console.

Another system new system update is the ability to send a Share Screen request. Players can also choose to share their screen with friends directly from their profile. A new “Share Screen” icon exists on profiles to start this. There is also a new “Join Game” icon in party chats, and players can see what their friends are up to by selecting the new “Friends Who Play” tile that appears on the home screen of a game.

New gameplay customization options include VRR support for 1440p resolution when using a compatible HDMI 2.1 display with a game that supports VRR. The gaming library has been improved, and players can easily apply filters to find games. Sony is also making it possible for players to transfer data from one PS5 console to another using a local Wi-Fi network or LAN cable.

Other features include a “Hey PlayStation” voice command to capture gameplay clips (limited to UK and US) and many more.

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