Best traffic apps in Nigeria

traffic apps in Nigeria

Google map is arguably the most used and functional traffic app in Nigeria. Though there are other traffic apps you can install on your kind of phone that aid driving. Read here!

There is no end to possibilities with these traffic apps whether you are driving or even as a pedestrian. These apps have made life so much easier if you are visiting a town for the very first time or trying to beat traffic to your destination. Most Nigerian drivers are used to the Google map but you will be surprised that there are other amazing traffic apps out there that will make you fall in love with driving. Knowing how these apps work is very vital to their usefulness. Naijauto – the leading car specialized website in Nigeria has come with amazing traffic apps you can use on your kinds of phone and how they work.

Traffic apps for Android and IOS

Waze traffic app

Number one on our list of traffic apps is Waze. This traffic app is an effective technology that gives you free access to direction, routes and traffic data from its network of users. This means that it relies on users by using live data and best possible suggestions on traffic flow in any particular area. It gives space for live chat room where ideas on traffic can be shared and utilized. Since Google purchased this amazing traffic app, it has improved tremendously through its use of latest technology to enhance its view and directional efficiency. You probably need to get this whether you an android or apple IOS user.

Waze traffic app is among the apps acquired by Google, hereby using superior technology

Gidi traffic app

This is a localized traffic app for people living in Lagos. It is a type of navigational app that allows you to share real-time traffic info with people via chatting and also makes you see eye-catching locations such as shops, restaurant and other attractions in any area in Lagos. The eye-catching thing about this traffic app is its simplicity. It is very easy to use and gives you well-updated travel information. it also has an effective warning system informing you of police, FRSC and other security operatives. it is available on Android and IOS.

Genesis Intelligent Assistant traffic app

This is an incredible Google integrated map system that offers more than routes or direction, it offers you opportunity to be prompt, carry out few task and help you tour the entire area. It comes with an attractive colour with a 12.3 full screen display capacity. This app can offer you what most personal assistants can.

Map Quest app

This is another traffic app that has been in use for a very long time. The simple reason behind its existence till now is its navigational efficiency. While being easy to use, it makes driving much easier by giving you the benefit of setting out your driving plan before driving, another noteworthy fact about this app is that whether you are in a public bus, private car or even as a pedestrian, it gives you clarity and options.

Traffic butter app

This traffic app is also limited to lagos and be used only by android users. like other navigational maps, it gives traffic updates in the simplest manner that would make driving around Lagos less stressful. If you are a resident of Lagos and you are using an android phone, you should probably install this app on your phone.

Best traffic apps in Nigeria- how it works

Google map

Google map is arguably the best traffic app currently in Nigeria. Its accessibility, traffic alert app and navigational tool is amazing and totally stands out. Whether you are driving, a passenger in a public transport, on bike or even when walking as a pedestrian, Google Map covers you all. It is highly rated; that is why it mostly comes pre-installed with many phones here in Nigeria. It also gives you directional hint to popular places like restaurant, worship centre and lots more to cover your entire day plan. You can even tour and book reservation via this app.

However, even the most popular map also has its weaknesses. That’s why we recommend you grasp all necessary safe driving tips to handle the unwanted cases.


  • Unlike Waze, there is absence of a warning system like police zone in the Google Map traffic app.
  • Poor crowdsourcing ability.

Apple Map

If you are an iPhone user or thinking of getting one, this is indeed exciting news. This traffic app provides well updated navigational direction, real-time traffic and routes for its users. It provides information on road traffic and possibly an alternative route to your destination. What makes this traffic app stand out is the Flyover mode. The Flyover mode is an incredible and additional mode where you can view the city from a helicopter through a 3D mode.


  • It does not work with android or window phone. It only works with Apple phones.
  • Since the software is still new, it does not offer varieties of options such as pedestrian, biking and public transportation present in Google Map.

Here Map

This is originally a traffic app that was built for Window products but it also works fine on other devices. it is fast becoming a common traffic app in Nigeria especially because of its ability to work offline. Nigerians are fond of conserving their mobile data and this app should come handy. it is a very effective navigational app that works just like Google Map and Waze.


  • when you use Here Map on another operating system apart from Windows, it looks totally different and might not be as effective as using it on window phone.


Even though there are many traffic apps out there that you can freely install on your phone, but it is important you know that Google Map is the most used navigational map in Nigeria for all operating system. This is due to the availability of enough data for all user and the fact that it supports all kinds of phone. One app you should watch out for is the Here Map as it now poses a serious threat to Google Map among road users in Nigeria. For more useful information related to car driving, please visit for expert sharing.

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