Apple Buys Machine Learning Startup Inductiv to Improve Siri

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Apple has made an acquisition of machine learning startup Inductiv Inc., in an effort to improve Siri, Bloomberg reports.

Apple’s usual response to acquisitions which says it “buys smaller technology companies from time to time and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans” was the confirmation Bloomberg got when it made an enquiry about the deal. Some employees of Inductive have also updated their LinkedIn profiles to show they now work for Apple.

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Inductiv’s machine learning system works by correcting the flaws in data through its AI. The startup’s engineering team will be working on Siri, data science and machine learning.

Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant are regarded as the best voice assistants with Siri lagging behind. Apple looks to bridge that gap with the acquisition of Inductiv. Apple’s recent acquisitions include the purchase of the weather app DarkSky and VR entertainment platform NextVR.

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