Watch New Never-Before-Seen Gameplay of The Last of Us Part II

the last of us part ii

Naughty Dog today revealed more about its upcoming game, The Last of Us Part II in a dedicated State of Play. Vice President Neil Druckmann detailed gameplay mechanism and story overview and Sony also showcased never-before-seen 8-minutes gameplay footage as part of the deep dive.

The Last of Us Part II follows several years from the first game. Ellie is 19 and is now settled at Jacksonville Wyoming in a thriving community. Much of the gameplay happens at the Seattle which was a major quarantine zone. Ellie’s thriving community is ransacked one day and she has to seek revenge on those who did it. Her journey takes her to Seattle which sets her on a turbulent journey.

Neil Druckmann explains new gameplay features with Ellie now able to squeeze through gaps and use rope to scale over vertical terrains. Ellie can now jump over enemies and equally bypass them.

The game features the largest environment Naughty Dog has ever created and Ellie can cover a large distance riding her horse. New crafting methods have now been added and there is a new type of infected called a “Shambler”. When a Shambler is killed, it explodes and brings out spores which could kill the player if not careful.

The Last of Us Part II comes out June 19 and is set to be the last game released by Naughty Dog for the PlayStation 4.

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