WhatsApp Now Gives You Two Days to Delete Unwanted Messages


If you hit send on a WhatsApp message that you no longer want the recipient to have or see, you now have a little over two days to delete the message(s) permanently. The Meta-owned company announced the update last Monday, increasing the timeframe from the one hour it was before.

For the feature to work correctly, both the sender and the receiver must have the latest version of WhatsApp. If you have the latest app update and the recipient does not, WhatsApp will not notify you if the message was deleted. To use the feature, tap and hold on to the message(s) you want to delete, tap on “Delete” from the available options, and then select “Delete for everyone.”

The update will come in handy, and the company is also working on an update to stop users from taking screenshots of “view once” messages. While the update to delete messages after two days is now available, WhatsApp says it will start rolling out the update to block screenshots and a way to hide your “last seen” status from specific contacts soon.

The company recently expanded emoji reactions; a feature initially rolled out in April.

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