What Will Happen if I Block a Handle on Instagram?

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Since its launch, Instagram has caught the attention of numerous users. After all, it allows people to share photos easily to a wide audience. However, some users might become frustrating thereby forcing you to hit the block button.

Surprisingly, many people do not know what happens when you block someone on Instagram. So, if you are curious about the effects of blocking users on the platform, this post will answer any questions you might have about the subject.

Can a Blocked User See My Profile?

Due to certain functions, blocked users can use the search feature to view your profile. But this will last for a temporary period.

Blocking an Instagram account

Can a Blocked Account View My Profile and Followers?

Blocked accounts can view your profile however they cannot check your posts. Since the platform does not remove any old comments, tapping them enables the person to view the profile. Likewise, you can view profiles of blocked accounts but not their posts.

What Happens to the Comments and Likes from the Blocked Account?

When you block an account, the owner can see previous comments on your profile. Besides, you can also your old comments made on posts by that account. But you cannot see any likes from your account and the blocked one.

Can a Blocked Account Tag or Mention Me?

A blocked page can tag or mention your handle on any Instagram post. But the platform will not post any notifications about this activity. If you edit your user name, blocked accounts cannot tag or mention you since they do not know the new handle.

Moreover, if you feel like tagging a blocked to an interesting post, the notification will not pop up on their devices.

What Can Happen After Blocking an Account on Instagram Messages?

It’s possible to block any annoying user on Instagram messages. Apart from stopping any messages from that account, tapping the button also blocks the profile itself.

Can I View Old Messages from A Blocked Account?

You can’t read old messages from a blocked handle. Any previous conversations will disappear from your end. But if you feel like reading an old chat with the “offending” handle, unblock it.

Can I Send Messages to An Account that Blocked Me?

It depends. Even if you can’t find previous chat threads, hitting the send option button on the profile page allows you to check old messages and deliver new ones.

You can perform this trick by opening the profile of the account from previous tags or mentions. Then hit the triple dots at the top and choose Send Message.

Sadly, the recipient will not notice the message as the platform will not send any notifications. But if the account unblocks you, the messages will show at their end.

Can A Blocked Account View My Online Status?

No. Moreover, you will not be able to view the last active status feature of the blocked account.

Can I See the Messages from Blocked Accounts in Group Messages?

If you and a blocked account belong to the same group chat, either of you can send and receive messages to this group. But both of you can’t see the messages from each other.

Since you can view old messages from each other, it’s possible to check the profiles of each other. When you unblock each other, new messages will appear.

Can I Block on Instagram Story?

Unlike other platforms, you cannot block on Instagram Story. So, if you want to avoid annoying posts, hit the Mute option. For preventing other people from seeing yours, hit the Hide button.

Can You Block a “Blocked” Instagram User on Facebook?

When you block a person on Instagram, the action does not block the same user on Facebook. Even if you link both platforms (Facebook and Instagram). If you want to block on FB, you will have to visit the platform.

If I Block Users from Commenting, Can They Check My Instagram Posts?

Even if you block a user from checking your posts, they can view part of your profile. Furthermore, their old comments prior to the block will remain.

To prevent any comments on your page, hit Settings> Privacy and Security > Comment Controls. On the following page, include the handles that you don’t want on your posts.

Will Instagram Send Notifications About the Block?

No, the platform does send notifications to the blocked handle.

Does a Block Result in An Unfollow?

When you block a user, you automatically unfollow the same account. If you want to unblock the handle, you have to hit the Follow button.

Is it Possible for My Followers to Know About the Block?

No. If you block any user, Instagram does not inform your other followers

Can a Blocked Account View My “Public” Instagram Account?

No. But if the owners open new accounts, they can check your public posts.

Can I Know if A Follower Has Blocked Me on Instagram?

There are several ways to check if you have been blocked on Instagram. For instance, if you can’t find previous messages from a particular handle but see its messages on an Instagram group, then that particular handle has blocked you.

 Next, if you open their tags and find a post count without posts, you have been blocked.

What if I Unblock an Instagram Account?

If you unblock any handle, you will have to hit the Follow button. If the blocked account was set at Private, then you must send a request before you can have access to the posts made by that account. Moreover, old and new messages from both accounts will be recovered.

How Can I Block/Unblock an Account on Instagram?

You can block any Instagram handle with the following simple steps.

  • Select the user that you want to block.
  • Hit the three dots on the user’s profile. Then choose Block.

If you want to unblock a user, reverse the process and tap Unblock. If you can’t reach their profile, head to Settings > Privacy and Security> Blocked Accounts. Scroll and select the account. Then tap Unblock.


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