Can I See Who Viewed My Instagram Profile?

who viewed my instagram profile

If you use popular social media network Instagram, you may be wondering which user out there is actually checking and following your posts. Followers have the leeway of posting comments and offering likes, but how can you tell if they even saw the latest photo you posted? Read on to find out.

There is no harm in trying to know who is impressed by your creativity and going through your Instagram posts. But it would be naive to feel all users of the network follow the ‘Like-and-Follow’ process. The majority of users might only prefer to check your Instagram profile without really following your account. 

This notion is particularly valid in the case of popular brands. If you are the type of person that loves Discovery Channel, for instance, but don’t want to have your feed inundated with their photos — they post many times during the day — then it is reasonable not to follow them. Instead, you may choose to visit their profile once in a day, or in a week, to go through any recent posts they made. 

So, how can you keep track of this kind of profile visitors that do not care to follow? Does the platform allow you to see who viewed your profile? This article addresses these questions.

The Fact Is…

If you’re the curious type, then be prepared for some disappointment. Unfortunately, Instagram does not have any feature through which you can know who has viewed your profile. The network has no in-app functionality for tracking your profile visitors, as of yet.

If you’ve a business account, you can check the number of visitors that took a look at your profile in the past 7 days or the number of users that saw your posts in their feed. However, when it comes to knowing the names of your visitors, the answer remains the same: a resounding NO.

Instagram, just like its parent platform Facebook, is unwilling to share this sort of data with anyone, not even you, about for obvious privacy issues. As you might suspect, this means those Orkut days, when you could readily determine who walked into your profile, are now gone as long as the status quo is maintained.

Are There Any Third-Party App Alternatives?

Since there are no traditional means to know who viewed my Instagram profile, this begs the pertinent question; what of the third-party apps? If you do a quick search on Google, you will see a lot of online tools and third-party apps for iOS and Android, all claiming to offer this functionality. As a matter of fact, a search on Google Play reveals tons of apps that are named accordingly. 

But do these pieces of software actually work? No, they don’t. The majority of the apps appear to be fakes, which usually pick Instagram names randomly and show you the same. As a matter of fact, some of the software even demand that you to pay a small amount of money to see more than 5 names.

Perusing user reviews on Google Play and App Store will offer you the same thing. The apps pick names randomly and scramble them up when next you try to check. (Coupled with the fact that an ad pops up every now and then.) 

The reason that this kind of apps is not able to track your profile visitors is no other than this: The Instagram API does not share such info with third-party applications. Though some apps do let you know who followed (or un-followed) you recently, requesting your profile visitor’s name is simply demanding for too much. 

Furthermore, you can never ascertain the way those applications handle your data. Due to the level functionality of the apps, it is doubtful you can trust them to even be secure. If in the past you have given access to this sort of apps, make sure the access is immediately revoked, even if you do not make use of them any longer or have uninstalled the apps from your mobile device.

Cool Alternative to Consider — Instagram Stories

If you still remain hell-bent on knowing your profile visitors, you can use the popular Instagram Stories option. On this feature, stories that are posted by public accounts can be accessed by almost everyone, unless they’ve been blocked from viewing such stories.

All you need do is, opening a story and then swiping up. The next thing is to tap the eyeball icon, which will reveal a list of people that have visited your Instagram story. This will include users that are not following your account on Instagram. 

If you take notice of someone creepy, you can block the user from viewing your subsequent Instagram Stories by tapping on the little cross icon, which is next to the name. Or better still, you can switch to a private account if you would like to ensure that your private data stays private. 

Checking Instagram Stories manually every day could be pesky. But currently, that is the only method available as of now to track your profile visitors. 

This brings our initial question to the fore again …

Can I Know Who Viewed My Instagram Profile?

Sadly, you can’t. There’s no technique you can use to see the names of your Instagram profile visitors. That information is to remain a secret. If you would not like to have your profile checked by someone like your ex, you should admit the feeling might be mutual. Therefore, the next time your curiosity gets a hold of you, you now know better than to put your trust in those third-party apps. 


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