How to Add Links in Instagram Posts and Stories

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Instagram is very addictive and it’s one of the most used social media platforms in the world. The platform started as a photo-sharing app alone till it evolved to adding videos and a whole lot more. The way it’s built, you cannot add links in Instagram posts but there is always a way around things.

Not only is Instagram one of the social platforms with huge traffic, it is also a great marketing tool by consequence. Brands are looking for ways to be seen more and marketing managers want to explore every avenue to market their products. So, how do you add links in Instagram posts and Stories?

How to Add A Link to Your Instagram Story

Thanks to Stories, people now spend more time on Instagram. There is a lot to be seen on Stories as it is on Instagram feeds, the more reason Instagram Stories is a way to market your products. But how do you add links in Instagram Stories? Unfortunately, this feature is not available to everyone.


Only verified accounts or pages with more than 10,000 followers can use the “Swipe Up” link feature. If you meet these criteria, adding a link to your Story is simple. Add your photo or video to your Story, at the top you will see the link icon.

adding links to Instagram story

Choose the URL option, enter your link in the address box and click on “Donein the top right corner. Now, publish your Story and you will see the “See More” where people have to swipe up to access the link as shown below.

Instagram Story Link

How to Add Links to Instagram Posts

Normally on Instagram, any link you add to your photo or video captions are not clickable, even for verified accounts. The way out is to promote that particular post on Instagram. Before you can promote, your page must have been converted to a business account if it’s a personal account. It’s quite easy to do, go to your page settings and switch to a business account. Nothing will happen to your old posts; Instagram will only add extra features which is associated with a business account.

After switching to a Business Profile, you will see the Promote button attached to your post, this will enable you to add whatever clickable link you want and reach more people or carry out whatever objective you want them to do.

Promoting a post on Instagram

Alternative Ways to Add Links on Instagram

Another way to add links in Instagram is by adding them to your bio page. You must have seen many captions where people say “link in bio”. Instagram allows you to add a clickable link to your profile, to change you will need to go back to your profile, edit and add your new link.

instagram linktree

Another way to do this better is by using the popular link service called Linktree. With Linktree, you only need to add one custom link in your bio, this custom link has a back-end on your Likntree account where you can add numerous clickable links.

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