Twitter is Testing Letting You Quote Tweets with Reaction Videos

quote tweet with reaction

Twitter is testing a new “quote tweet with reaction” button. The company announced on Thursday users will now be able to customize tweets by quoting with reaction videos or photos. The feature is currently being tested on iOS and is only available to select users at the moment.

To use the feature for available users, use the retweet menu to access the new “quote tweet with reaction” button. This will take you to a screen where you can record a video or take a photo with your camera to use as a reaction. You can also choose an existing video or photo from your camera roll if you do not want to take a new one. In order to demonstrate, a product lead at Twitter made a reaction video to the announcement.

Twitter isn’t the first to introduce this feature on its platform, in fact, the company is replicating what was originally done by TikTok which Instagram has also replicated to its Reels. Twitter recently killed Fleets and this can be seen as another way of introducing video content.

There are concerns however as to how Twitter will manage to moderate this. Reaction videos or photos could be an easy means for harassment since these media are not as easy to filter as a regular. The feature is still being tested and it is now clear how Twitter will implement it or even if it will be rolled out at all.

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