Twitter Rolls Out Voice Notes to Twitter for iOS

twitter voice note

Twitter today began rolling out the ability to add voice notes to tweets on its iOS app. The feature is only available to a limited number of people at the moment but twitter promises it will get to everyone using the iOS app in the coming weeks. The feature allows people to share audio or accompany their tweets with voice messages.

To use the voice note feature, open the Twitter app on your iPhone and tap the compose button. You can choose to compose a tweet with voice note or just send out the voice note only. In the composer tab, you will see a new wavelength icon beside the camera icon, tap on it to begin. Your profile picture appears on a screen with a record button below it, tap on it to start recording your voice note and tap “Done” when you are done recording.

Twitter allows you to capture a maximum of 140 seconds of audio but you can record more than that, the rest of the tweet gets posted automatically in form of a thread. When you tap on “Done” Twitter takes you back to the composer tab so you can finally send out your Tweet.

Your voice note appears just like a tweet on the timeline. To listen to a voice note on your timeline, tap on it to play; the playback begins in a dock below your screen which gives you the chance to tweet and scroll through the timeline while listening.

Considering Twitter has been trying to keep the app safe by monitoring tweets which are sensitive and deceptive, it remains to be seen how audio tweets will be controlled.

In my opinion, the best place to have had this would have been the DMs.

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