Tom Holland and Nathan Drake Make their Way to Fortnite on February 17th

fortnite uncharted

A day before the highly anticipated Uncharted movie premieres in the US, Tom Holland will be playable once again as a skin on Fortnite from February 17th. Holland will be joined by the original Nathan Drake from the video game series and Chloe Frazier as skins which can be purchased from the Fortnite shop.

Fans were able to unravel a treasure hunt teaser from Epic Games on Friday even though the skins have yet to be announced officially. Epic Games also has an unlisted video on YouTube all but confirming the update.

Players will be able to play as Nathan and Chloe from the upcoming movie characters or as the game characters from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Tom Holland debuted last year as skin from Spider-Man: No Way Home. There will also be customizable gears for the characters on Fortnite.

Image: Epic Games

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