TikTok Rolls Out Option to Upload 1080p Video in Select Countries

tiktok 1080p video uploads

TikTok on Friday announced some set of new features and tools coming to its mobile app including the ability to now upload 1080p HD videos.

TikTok users will now be able to upload 1080p resolution videos but the feature is only rolling out in select countries for now. The company says this will allow creators “to share high quality content and audiences to enjoy an optimized viewing experience.” To share HD videos, record or try to upload a video as you would normally, on the Publishing page tap on “More options.” You will now see a button to toggle on “Upload HD” setting before the video is sent out.

In partnership with GIPHY, TikTok is introducing green screen GIFs, the company says Green Screen is one of the most used effects on its community. With green screen GIFs, users can select any GIF to apply as background in their videos.

To make content creation better, TikTok is also adding a new Visual Enhancement button that the company says will make exposure, low-light, and colour correction better “instantly.” When Visual Enhancement is turned on, videos uploaded from camera or shoot directly from TikTok can be fine-tuned before publishing. The enhancements can be undone if users are not satisfied with the result.

Finally, TikTok is adding something funky by making its users sound like an animal or musical instruments. People can sound like cats, flute, suona or whatever animal or instrument that is available with the new feature.

Image: TikTok

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