How Modern Technology Is Helping Personal Injury Victims Find Justice

technology and justice for personal injury victims

No matter how you put it, it’s evident that technology has revolutionized nearly all aspects of how we have carried on with our lives over the years. Over the decades, only a handful of industries have been unaffected by technological advancements, and it has influenced how we carry out our everyday chores and how we do business.

Various professional areas, including the legal industry, have benefited greatly from incorporating new technology into the way they do business. Therefore, in recent years, an increasing number of insurance firms, attorneys, and courthouses began using technology to help them execute their duties more efficiently.

Given how fast the world is evolving, it becomes increasingly apparent that legal practitioners who don’t make use of the technologies that are already available to them will find it much more challenging to keep their professional activity afloat. This is especially the case in personal injury litigation, where claims must be handled quickly, and evidence that is not acquired fast may be lost forever.

This is precisely what we will be discussing here, so let’s see how technology may help in personal injury cases, as well as simplify things for everyone concerned.

Using AI technology to better assess personal injury claims

When referring to a personal injury claim, there are typically two options: accepting a settlement or taking the matter to court. Most of the time, settling is the best option since it lowers expenses and saves time for all parties involved.

Defining the worth of a claim may take a long time, with insurance companies and attorneys going through a lot of labour in the process. As experts from UKLaw explain, time is very important when proving the plaintiff’s case in several of these cases. In the United Kingdom, for example, if you wish to seek compensation for job injuries, you have three years to file a personal injury claim.

Artificial Intelligence, however, may be used by insurance firms, as well as attorneys to speed up the process, reducing hours of labour to a few clicks.

To calculate compensation, AI can evaluate paperwork, photographs, police records, and medical documents, making the procedure considerably easier to carry out. This allows victims to realize the amount of compensation they may anticipate early on, allowing them to choose whether a settlement is favouring them or not. While this sort of technology is still in its infancy, it is already extremely beneficial to legal practitioners. And if we look at how fast machine learning is evolving, it is obvious that it’ll only be a matter of time until these technologies improve.

Bringing evidence to court with the help of technology

The finest attorneys, they say, are those who can prove their client’s case beyond a reasonable doubt. Even though there are rules to follow, the world of law isn’t always as precise as it should be. This is why many attorneys have begun to use technology to provide indisputable evidence in courtrooms.

An Alberta lawyer was able to establish their case a few years ago by using information from the client’s Fitbit. The victim, a personal trainer, was wounded in an automobile accident, rendering them unable to work. The lawyer utilized data from the Fitbit band to show that their client was significantly less physically active following the impact than a usual person of a similar age and fitness level. The lawyer managed to prove the suffering and harm their client suffered following the accident by objectively comparing the client’s Fitbit data with extensive data from similar persons.

The ability to utilize hard statistics to demonstrate how the plaintiff’s life has been harmed can considerably diminish the defendant’s capacity to minimize the victim’s damages, which is a common practice in the field of personal injury. Furthermore, because this sort of evidence can be obtained and processed quickly, court time and legal expenditures are significantly decreased.

In law, there is a legal concept called “burden of proof”. This shows the amount of evidence that must be presented in order to win a certain case. If the plaintiff does not fulfil these standards, monetary compensation may not be awarded. In certain circumstances, insurance companies would try to allege that the plaintiff contributed to the accident in some way in order to disclaim culpability. When this happens, current technology may help the wounded individual, making dashcams and recording devices useful tools for proving who was to blame in an accident.

Technology is a good friend, but only if used by an experienced lawyer

It is evident that technology begins to play a larger role in the resolution of personal injury claims. Even yet, it does not replace the fact that if you were the victim of an accident and are entitled to compensation, you will require the services of an experienced attorney. Even though all of the proof is in plain sight, the defendant’s attorney or the insurance company might still find methods to cast doubt on your claim, and this will not happen if you have an experienced attorney on your side.

No matter the number of advantages technology provides to courtrooms, particularly in personal injury cases, it will never be able to replace a competent attorney completely. Because the evidence does not come packed in a box and, in most situations, it can’t speak for itself. It must be obtained, examined, and presented before the court by someone who is familiar with the subject.

While it is obvious that technology has made a lawyer’s job considerably simpler by allowing them to automate most of what they do, there is no substitute for the skills, experience, and human approach that they provide. Understanding the subtleties of a case can only be achieved by humans, at least up to this point, and it is a critical component of winning the case. This is why, if you feel you are entitled to compensation, you should always contact a professional personal injury lawyer to assist you in reaching a favourable settlement.

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