The Last of Us Part II Rumoured for a February 2020 Release with Four Editions Planned

No doubt the Last of Us Part II by Naughty Dog is arguably the most anticipated game on the PlayStation 4 till date. No release date has been set yet but new rumour has emerged stating the PS4 exclusive is set for a February 2020 release.

This emerging story was shared by administrator ZhugeEX, a Senior Analyst at Niko Investors, same source who revealed the release of the upcoming Death Stranding which has been confirmed for a November release this year.

the last of us part ii rumoured release date and four editions

According to the source, Four Editions of The Last of Us Part II will be released by Sony, they are – Standard, Special, Collectors and Ellie. Earlier reports from Kotaku’s Jason Schreier also confirmed a possible February 2020 release date according to his sources.

These are all still rumours and nothing has been confirmed yet, the game is still in development and a lot could be changed before all is completed. Whatever decision is made eventually, we are guaranteed to get one of the best games of the century from Naughty Dog.

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