Super Mario Run coming to android in March–Nintendo

Super mario run apk data full version

After Nintendo announced the adaptation of Super Mario Run to a mobile game, it released the iOS version, leaving android users to wait for their time. Now, thank heavens: the time hasn’t come—but at least it has been announced.

According to a tweet on Nintendo’s official Twitter account, the game will soon be available for download in Google Play. We were only told the month but no signal on the exact date the game will hit the store.

Even though the tweet was posted in Japanese, die-hard lovers of Super Mario Run can still fathom from the tweet that the game will be in Google Play by March of this year. The game is expected to be similar to that currently played on iOS. This means players would be able to play the first three levels free.

After the first three levels, you are to pay $9.99 (₦3051.95) to unlock the remaining levels. This payment has sure brought income to Nintendo, but many of the game lovers aren’t happy about the charges. Aside the payment, Super Mario Run only runs with Internet connection.

If you want to be among the first to play this game when it comes to android in March, you can pre-register on Google Play using this link.

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