Sony’s PlayStation Now Cloud Gaming Service Hits 2.2 Million Subscribers

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Sony’s cloud gaming service, PlayStation Now has 2.2 million subscribers; Sony disclosed. It has been a slow growth with its rival Xbox Game Pass amassing over 10 million subscribers as of April.

The PlayStation 4 has sold over twice that of the Xbox One X but Sony’s cloud gaming service is still lagging behind in terms of numbers. From last year, during the same time, PlayStation Now has managed to add more than 1 million subscribers partly due to sue Sony slashing its subscription fee from $19.99 a month to $9.99 and $99.99 annually to $59.99 annually seven months ago.

Sony launched PlayStation Now more than 5 years ago, while Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass was launched in 2017. Xbox Game Pass has made a huge leap since then in terms of subscribers.

Sony’s PlayStation Plus which enables online multiplayer, access to exclusive discounts and free games every month now has 41.5 million subscribers as of March. The online service added a 5 million increase in subscribers since the numbers were reported around the same time last year.

Generally, it’s been a good first quarter for the gaming industry with a record $10.9 billion in profit.


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