Sony Promises More PlayStation 5 Stock Before the Year Runs Out

playstation 5 console

The PlayStation 5 console is arguably the most in-demand gadget of the year. Barely two weeks after its launch, Sony says absolutely everything has been sold out. While a lot of people out there are frustrated about not being able to purchase one, Sony has promised to release more PS5 console to local retailers before the end of the year.

In a tweet from the official PlayStation account, Sony calls the PS5 its “biggest console launch ever” and says the demand for the PS5 has been “unprecedented”. While no sales figure has yet been announced, this would mean the PS5 has sold more numbers than Sony would have expected.

Scalpers have been making huge profits selling the console on reseller platforms with reports coming out StockX has sold more than 22,000 units of the console just within ten days. Business Insider also reported a UK scalper group has snagged nearly 3,500 units of the console to be selling for considerable profits on reseller platforms. This has left a lot of genuine gamers frustrated.

Close competitor, Microsoft has also sold out its Xbox Series X and Series with scalpers selling on eBay for huge profit margins.


The demand for gaming hardware has increased more than ever with many people spending more time at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The PS5 is one its way to shatter all previous console sales figure Sony has ever recorded.

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