Sony’s New PS5 Beta Test Adds ‘Hey PlayStation’ Voice Command for the PS5

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Sony’s latest PS5 beta program rolls out on Wednesday and it will bring some changes to the UNI and new accessibility features. Among the host of features is a new voice command support coming to the PS5.

Sony is testing a “Hey PlayStation” voice command in its beta program for users that have accounts registered in the US and UK participating that lets them make voice commands to find, open games and apps, and also control media playback. The feature can be turned off in settings for those who don’t want to use it.

As part of the beta software test, Sony is now changing voice charts to Parties. Users will have the option to make parties private or open to the public. For open parties, your friends will be able to join without invitation and also invite their other friends. Sony is also adding a useful update to headphones for users with unilateral hearing loss. Mono audio mode will now come to headphones which allows the same audio to be played simultaneously from both the left and right headphones in place of a stereo or 3D audio output.

Another feature coming to the PS5 UI is the option to let users filter their game collection by genre. Filtering games by genre on the home screen will let users find games of the same type easily and they can add up to five of them on the home screen for quick access.

Some updates will be coming to the PS4 as well and all upcoming updates can be accessed on the PlayStation blog. Those who want to participate in beta test programs can sign up for the PS5 and also for the PS4. Sony says the updates will be available officially for all users later this year.

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